Polkadot Governance Tool User Guide

First download the MathWallet


Create Polkadot wallet

Polkadot Wallet Operation’s Guide

Polkadot governance tool

Please click: Polkadot Governance Tool video guide

Open the DAppToolsPolkadot Governance Tool

Enter into Polkadot Governance tool, which displays the current referenda and status, and click vote.

After entering the DOT Amount and selecting the lockup period, click “Aye“/” Nay “to complete the vote.

Click “Confirm” to finish voting.

Video guide:

Polkadot Governance Tool Video Guide

Cancel Vote

Click voting record on the governance homepage

Click Second to withdraw the vote

Retrieval of vote amount

After canceling the vote, open Polkadot Staking tool, switch to the controller account, and click lock details

Democracy DOT is the vote DOT, click unlock