Experience the ETH 2.0 Beacon Chain Staking Operation in advance

We all know that by staking 32 ETH on Ethereum, one can become a node and get benefits, but ordinary users have no idea about how to operate.

Recently, we discovered a platform called StakeWise, which provides a very convenient ETH 2.0 Beacon Chain Staking service, so we use the testnet function of the MathWallet browser extension wallet to experience it in advance.
Currently StakeWise only supports Goerli Test Network, so first you need to add Goerli Test Network to the MathWallet browser extension wallet.

How to use Node Address:

Then switch to Goerli to create a testnet wallet

Copy the wallet address, send a tweet, and then go to the address below to receive the testnet ETH
You can check whether the ETH is received on etherscan account
Open https://mathdapp.store and search for StakeWise then click to start the operation.

Click Connect Wallet in the upper right corner of StakeWise and login with DApp Browser.

In the middle of the page is the open Staking Pool. The model is more like a crowfunding. It will be successfully functioned with 32 ETH in the account, and the the group can start running Eth2 node.

Click Add Deposit, type into the amount.

The page will initiate signature request on MathWallet browser extension wallet

If you don’t want to join the public pool, you can also create your own Private Pool and limit the ETH addresses that can join the pool.

In addition, StakeWise also provides independent node services in two ways, non-custodial and custodial.
Non-custodial is to keep the private key of the node by yourself, you need to pay the custodian fee regularly, and you can stop staking.
For Custodial, StakeWise manages the private key and deducts a certain percentage of the fee from the node rewards, which can only be transferred.

According to the information on the current page, for the public Staking Pool, StakeWise will charge a 10% reward as a custodial fee.
As the completion of the Eth2 Beacon Chain progress, such services will become more and more diverse. You can click on “Eth2” in https://mathdapp.store then view various Eth2 related DApps.