Project Update | 2019.2.15

Community Activities

  • Successfully held The Millions of Red Packet activity for Chinese New Year
  • Supported Whale Exchange New Year event
  • Successfully elected as ENU BP


  • Math Wallet was invited to participate in the Davos Digital Future Summit
  • HyperSnakes cooperated with Math Wallet to create a new eco-chain system
  • MathWallet joined the dGoods team to support the standard moving forward
  • Successfully cooperated with ROVegas to launch the new year activity

The Progress of Development


EOSForce BP:
– Node maintenance

– Updated to mainnet-1.6.1 version
– MongoDB database maintenace

TRON Mainnet BP
– FullNode maintenance

IRIS testnet BP
– Tested fuxi-8000

ENU testnet BP
– Deployed ENU BP

Android & iOS

1、Simplify the ETH wallet creation interface
2、Supported TRX exchange
3、Optimized TRX transaction log
4.   Optimized News payge
5.   Fixed known bugs

UI Design

1. DApp search
2. DApp signiture request
3. Node setting

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Download Math Wallet:


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  1. Any reason why on the News section you have the story: “The WORBLI Network is going to Launch on 2018.11.01”, and although this was almost 4 month ago WORBLI is still not added to math wallet? I have been waiting for WORBLI.

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