Highlights of Math Wallet v1.6.0

Thank community friends for your valuable suggestions, we will try our best to make Math Wallet better and better.

Here’s the primary functions and optimizations

1、Math Business Wallet

Math Business Wallet is to solve the problem of enterprise’s wallet management and assets situation, and designed White List、sheets of multi levels and etc. to help enterprise、funds and investment institution to provide more safe and flexible token management function.

If you have corporation intention, please contact our business director via:


2、EOS Permission Change

The new version of Math Wallet completely supports the EOS permission, supports EOS permission change, deleting and adding (could manage several public keys at the same time). Also, supports the permission change of EOS FORCE.

Click the wallet name on top left corner to enter the EOS permission management interface.

3、DAPP payment conformation page and GAS setting.

According to the suggestion of community users, we optimize the DAPP’s payment confirmation page. Now, users could adjust gas price to speed up transactions in rush situation. (like the last minutes of Fomo3D countdown)

4、News in Math Wallet

We added 【News】in 【Dapp】section, and has reached strategy cooperation with “BKBT”

5、ONT wallet Integration

Math Wallet v1.6.0 supports ONT mainnet and ONG airdrop.

At the same time, Math Wallet will support import ONT from previous NEO wallet to the new ONT wallet.

6、DAPP Browser and open API

We developed DAPP Browser as an open entrance for users and developers, at the same time, developers could use the API of Math Wallet to interact with Math Wallet to execute transaction signature and broadcast. Just let Math Wallet to deal with the complex stuff.

At last, we launched many competitive DAPP games on ETH、EOS、NEO、EOS FORCE. DAPP developers are welcomed to submit your DAPP to us!

Insall Math Wallet:

➡ Math Wallet

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