Highlights of Math Wallet v1.8.0

Thank community friends for your valuable suggestions, we will try our best to make Math Wallet better and better.

Here’s the primary functions and optimizations:

  1. Supported BTC wallet

Up to now, Math Wallet has supported seven main blockchains : BTC, ETH, EOS, EOSForce, NEO, ONT, and ESN, as well as all the tokens and DApps based on them.


2. Enabled payments without password

In response to the needs of DApp users, MathWallet now supports fingerprint payment. Users only need to enter the password for the first payment, and then you do not need to re-enter the password for the next payment, just complete the payment confirmation through fingerprint.

3. Enabled buying EOS Account with Alipay

MathWallet will calculate the cost of EOS resource according to the market fluctuation. ▼


4. EOS Transfer Progress Display

MathWallet has clear progress indication for the EOS transactions. (so as ETH transactions)


5. Launched MathDEX (Decentralized Exchange)

The first version of MathDEX has launched EOS CPU trading pair, and there will be more trading pairs in the future.

Visits MathDEX : http://www.mathdex.io


6. MathWallet has been compatible with Scatter

That means MathWallet is able to support all of the EOS DApps.


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