Highlights of Math Wallet v1.5.0

Thank the community supporters for giving us valuable suggestions, we will try our best to make the MATH Wallet better and better. In Math Wallet, users’ experience always comes the first.


Below is our progress in the new version of Math Wallet.

  1. Get the idea of resource usage at a glance.


2. Clearly vision of EOS staking and refund status.


3. Detailed transaction log of EOS.


4. Support the tokens of EOS ecosystem completely.

5. Buy/sell EOS RAM, automatically calculate the price of RAM in per KB.


6. EOS Account name bidding, the ranking is also showed in a clear manner.


7. Support creating EOS Account by invitation code or spending money to purchase accounts directly. Detailed information ▼


8. Support creating EOS Account through friends ▼


9 Comepletly supporting EOSForce blockchain.

Install Math Wallet▼


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