How to import ChainX 1.0 Ext Wallet into ChainX 2.0 Ext Wallet?

Note: ChainX 2.0 and ChainX 1.0 are two different blockchains. You need to export the private key (which must be a private key) of the 1.0 wallet and then import it into the 2.0 wallet as following steps:

Install the Mathwallet extension wallet

ChainX 2.0 Browser extension User Guide

Import the wallet

Click “+” , select import wallet

Select the private key to import

Enter/paste the private key, select the Edwards(ED25519) encrypted version, and click Next to complete the import.

Note: The mnemonics in ChainX 1.0 wallet will not display 1.0 address after importing. You can export the private key after importing mnemonics in mobile wallet/web wallet.


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ChainX 2.0 Browser Extension User Guide

How to import ChainX 1.0 Wallet into ChainX 2.0 Wallet (Mobile)?