Project Update| 2019.1.25

Community Activities

During the Chinese Spring Festival, Math wallet will send a million Red Packets that caontain the tokens based on TRON and EOS.


  • Math Wallet Math reached strategy partnership with Hurun China Rich
  • Math Wallet was the only software wallet listed in “2018 China Blockchain Industry Yearbook” held by Tsinghua University

  • Math Wallet Launched the Candy Box developed by Prochain on Tron
  • Math Wallet cooperated with WhaleEx and luanched the fast-trading activity

The Progress of Development


EOSForce BP:
– completed v1.4.1 version upgrade
– Participated community proposal discussions, voting and execution

– Node maintenance and update

TRON Mainnet BP
– Node maintenance

IRIS testnet BP
– Update to v0.10.2

Android & iOS

1、Supported NAS、BOS、ENU、Telos
2、Supported customizing BOS、ENU、Telos Nodes
3、Supported TRX Token Exchange
4.   Updated Ethereum web3 and TronWeb protocol

UI Design

1. Wallet guide page revision
2. Multi-wallet management interface revision

New Highlight:

  • Math Wllet suppored TRX token exchange

  • Math Wallet supported ENU wallet and DApps

  • Math Wallet supported BOS wallet and DApps

  • Math Wallet supported Telos wallet and DApps

  • Math Wallet supported NAS wallet

  • Supported nodes customiting

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Download Math Wallet: