Highlights of Math Wallet v1.9.0

Thank community friends for your valuable suggestions, we will try our best to make Math Wallet better and better.

Here’s the primary optimizations and new functions of v1.9.0:

1、Launched TRON DApp Wallet

TRON is a decentralized blockchain platform based on DPOS with resource model of Bandwidth + TRON Power that users are able to reduce costs, enjoy convenience, and build fortunes by using different DApp functions deployed in TRON.

  • Math Wallet has supported TRON TRC10 / TRC20 Tokens:
  • Supports the freeze and unfreeze of TRON Power and Bandwidth:
  • Supports TronLink protocol and all of TRON DApps:
  • Supports Tron DApp Browser that users could customized referral link, send to friends and get dividends.
  • Supports automatically mining mode(supports the mining of Tron、EOS and EOSC wallet at the same time)


2、The optimized DApp Center

Math Wallet cooperated with SpiderStore and released DApp ranking function


Launched quick-searching function


3、Launched Tutorial section that covers the comprehensive analysis of DApp game and the latest governance dynamics of blockchains
Check in 【News】-【Tutorial】


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