Spring promotion-share the 200,000 EIDOS award

Please install MathWallet first:

Noteļ¼šIOS user please download public beta version

Dear MathWallet user:

Since MathWallet supports YAS ecosystem, it has been recognized and supported by community users. To thank the community for the support and love, MathWallet strives for more benefits for users, we launched online activity: “Spring promotion-share the 200,000 EIDOS award”. From now on, all users who top-up YAS (EOS mainnet) or exchange YAS, we will carry onsnapshot on February 20th 18:00 (HKT), please make sure that you has YAS balance in Math Cloud Wallet during this period.

Airdrop rules:

Total number of airdrops: 150,000 EIDOS

The YAS coefficient of EOS mainnet is 1, and the YAS coefficient of conversion to YAS mainnet is 1.2.

EIDOS airdrop quantity /(Yas quantity of all users’ EOS *1+ Yas quantity of all users’ Yas *1.2)* (Yas quantity of your EOS mainnet*1+ Yas mainnet quantity of your Yas *1.2)

Here’s an example:

During the activity, Xiaoming deposited 10 YAS in the mainnet of EOS and 10 YAS in the mainnet of YAS. At this time, the EIDOS airdrop obtained by Xiaoming was 150000 /(the number of YAS in all users’EOS *1+ the number of YAS in all users’ YAS *1.2)*(10*1+10*1.2)

YAS-ESO to YAS-Mainnet full process guide:YAS-ESO to YAS-Mainnet full process guide

Math Turntable:

Participate in the Math Turntable activity and share 5w EIDOS together

Total number of airdrops: 50000 EIDOS

Note: large turntable has rule of “first come, first served”

After the activity, we will release EIDOS to your Math Cloud Wallet within 3 business days.

Math Wallet

February 18, 2020

For more details, add customer service at Telegram: //t.me/mathwallet, @rainie_yang