DOT Claim in 2 Steps

MathWallet has developed a tool to simplify DOT claim process to only 2 steps!

Step 1 – create a Polkadot account

Install the Chrome Extension MathWallet

Switch Network to ‘Polkadot’

Click + button, and create a new address. Please make sure you backup the Mnemonic properly.

Copy the address

Step 2 – claim in your ETH wallet

Switch to the ETH wallet which you have those DOT(ERC20) tokens.

If you use MathWallet App, find the ‘DOT Mapping’ dapp in the dapp list.

If you use MathWallet Chrome Extension, visit and you will find the dapp.

Paste your Polkadot address to it, click ‘Map’ and sign the transaction.

After the transation completed. You are all set.

You can go to check the status of the claim process.


Is this tool safe?
Yes, it is open source and working the same as the official claim tool. Open Source Code:

For more questions, join MathWallet telegram: