How to swap YAS-EOS to YAS-Mainnet in MathWallet

Register Math Cloud Wallet

Install MathWallet from

Switch to Cloud Wallet and register a new account

Deposit your YAS-EOS from your EOS wallet into cloud wallet

Using MathSwap in Cloud Wallet

Switch to ‘Trade’ tab and select ‘YAS’ in the swap from, enter the number of YAS you need to swap to YAS-Mainnet

Create YAS wallet

You need to use DAPP to create your YAS mainnet account first

Then you need to import the YAS account, select YAS as wallet type and click + to import your YAS account

For Chrome extension wallet, check below article

Withdraw YAS-Mainnet to YAS wallet

Switch back to CloudWallet, and choose transfer the YAS-Mainnet token

After the cloud transaction completed, you will get the Mainnet YAS in your YAS wallet

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