MathWallet Newsletter 2020.02.11

Dear MathWallet user,

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many activities have been experiencing stagnation, however this made us feel the need to get more united to fight against the epidemic. Our work still continues and we are dedicated to deliver the best support for our collaborators and users.

We made great progress with our public chain partners, here are the updates of MathWallet from Jan 17th 2020 till Feburary 7th 2020:

  1. Cloud Wallet now displays transaction details
  2. Kusama wallet node has been updated
  3. Support added for ATOM transaction records
  4. Support added for payment password and google verification resets
  5. Support added for YAS wallet
  6. YAS dApp pop-up free support
  7. Ethereum ENS contract update

Math New highlights:

2020-01-14 Math extension wallet officially supports YAS Network test network

2020-01-20 MathWallet first supported the YAS mainnet, becoming the first wallet to receive both official 1000 YAS test network node rewards and 50,000 YAS early mainnet support rewards. Now users can carry out YAS recharge, YAS mainnet token mapping, and other operations on MathWallet. More tools are available in MathDapp.

2020-01-20 MathWallet launched YAS mainnet,supports and helps nearly 1000 users to complete the mainnet mapping operation. MathWallet is also the only APP and extension wallet that supports YAS at present. Within two days of the launch of the mainnet, MathWallet’s YAS exchange service has successfully mapped 4 million YAS to the new mainnet for nearly 1,000 community users.

2020-01-22 During Chinese New Year, we had great success after the launch of“MathWallet red pocket accompany you for the New Year”activity, from 0:00 on January 22, 2020-24:00 on January 30, 2020 for a total of 9 days, the prize pool for each day is 8888 MATH, totaling 79992 MATH given away.

Last but not least, we have amazing outcome for our latest VPoS reports:

By Feburary 7th 2020, Math VPoS pool has 200 Million supply and market value is 14.50 Million USD, to get more information about increasing return of VPoS product, check on .

We are looking forward to hear your feedback and feel free to contact us for any questions!