ChainX 2.0 Browser Extension User Guide

Install the MathWallet extension wallet Download the MathWallet extension: Https:// When the installation is complete, click the extension icon in the upper right corner to enter Settings Set password Set language Click Settings in the upper right corner of the extension Select Language Select English and confirm Create/import the ChainX 2.0 wallet Create a wallet […]

MathWallet extension wallet supports Ethereum Layer2: Optimistic Ethereum

About Optimism Ethereum Optimism Ethereum would likely be one of the earliest options available in mainnet , and has already attracted support from the two leading project such as Synthetix and Uniswap and wallet service provider such as Coinbase Wallet. Optimistim launched Optimistic Virtual Machine(OVM), a fully functional execution environment that is fully compatible with […]

MathWallet extension wallet already supports Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain KeyPair

Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain phase0 stage is open, you need a beacon chain KeyPair while staking, you can use the Launchpad provide a command-line tool to generate (, the operation is quite difficult, which is not suitable for entry-level users. Now you can use MathWallet extension wallet to generate KeyPair for the Ethereum 2.0 beacon […]

AMA with dYdX: Layer 2 solutions and the future of DeFi

MathWallet hosted AMA in the official Telegram group, and introduced dYdX Exchange which is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, built on the Ethereum network. CEO&Founder of dYdX Antonio Juliano shared his insights about the evolution of DEX and why dYdX could be the go-to DEX for the market. Host:¬†Yaxin, global marketing director of MathWallet Guest:¬†Antonio Juliano, […]

MathWallet Open Source the Substrate web wallet

The wallet support all Substrate 2.0 based blockchain, can connect to both PolkadotJS extension and MathWallet extension. It is a simple web wallet focus on assets management. View balance and transfer. Show transaction recrods. Switch between different chains including localhost. Support multi-languages and multi-currencies. The open source code can be found at: If you'd […]