Project Update| 2018.6.22

The Progress of Development Android & iOS Supported EOS account importing Supported EOS Block Producer Voting Provided EOS Account Name Bidding Tool Supported purchasing EOS system resources Optimized transaction notation Oprimized default GasLimit Fixed known bugs Design EOS Account creating EOS Account resource management EOS Account invitation code Supported EOS BP Voting   Supported EOS […]

How to vote for EOS BP?

Install Math Wallet Import EOS Wallet Select EOS Wallet, enter EOS private key (the private key generated from EOS Mapping, the EOS Wallet cannot be imported if the EOS amount of the mapped account is less than 1)   Select default account and enter transfer password. You can see your EOS wallet and account name after […]

Project Update| 2018.6.8

The Progress of Development EOS.MediShare Deployed software and hardware of the Block Producer of EOS.MediShares Tested eos-v1.0.1 depolyment Keep track of the EOS Mainnet main network initiation process Android & iOS Added 【Transaction Delay Contract】 Added asset auto adding function Added detail page of token price market Added banner in frontage Enabled identity verification using […]

Project Update| 2018.5.25

Math Wallet Korean APP Launched 「Math Wallet」Korean App has launched today, you are welcome to invite your Korean friends to use [Math Wallet], the invitation bounties is waiting for you! As receives more and more overseas users’ attention, the team is also actively responding to and deploying overseas communities. Currently, the Korean Community is in expansion, […]

Project Update| 2018.5.11

Community Activities Math Wallet Officially Launched The official version of Math Wallet has officially released, and on the 5th day, the user has exceeded 200,000! Math Wallet is the world’s first wallet that supports the three smart contract ecosystems of EOS, ETH and NEO at the same time in crypto field. Math Wallet not only supports EOS wallet mapping, but also helps users confirm whether EOS mapping […]


Work with US MathWallet is a global, remote-first, high-performing team looking for seasoned professionals who share our vision of bringing the promise of crypto/web3 to the mainstream. If you’re looking to advance your career as part of the next era of the Internet, and love making an impact with a passionate team of doers, come […]

Project Update| 2018.3.2

The Progress of Development IOS APP Completed the development of account information related page (log in, register, identity verification, linked account address, link email, link phone number) Completed the development of personal center page (get candy, follow official WeChat, referral, suggestion, about) Completed the development of the setting page (TouchID or FaceID unlocking, language setting, […]

Project Update| 2018.2.9

The Progress of Development IOS APP Developed asset exchange page (exchange history, transfer, add transaction notes, transaction details etc.) Developed asset exchange page (scan to add & add manually) Developed page of personal center ( me, account system) Supported timely market data displaying Supported multiple trading method ( scan, latest transaction, add address mutually) Supported […]