Why the ONT in my wallet does not produce an ONG?

What is ONG?

1 ONG for ONT is like GAS for NEO

2 ONG is used to pay the transfer fee on Ontology blockchain.

3 ONG will be automatically distributed by holding ONT in your wallet and can be withdrawn at any time.

Some users are confused that the ONT in his wallet does not produce an ONG. What’s the problem?

Answer: Actually your ONG is there, but it has not been unlocked, and needs to make a transaction within the wallet to get ONG unlocked.

How to unlock the ONG ?

1 Borrow some ONG from your friend or buy some from exchanges.(the transfer costs ONG)

2 Make an ONT transfer (you can transfer to your friend or create another ONT wallet by yourself). Then the ONG in your wallet gets unlocked and can be withdrawn.