How to issue a Token on Binance Chain

Currently the only way is using command line tool

Install CLI


Clone package from github

git clone

Enter sub folder (This example, we use Mac and v0.5.8.1, for other client read the offical doc above)

cd cli/prod/

Create Account

./bnbcli keys add newtokenowner

Please backup the account, and send some BNB to this new account for the next steps

Issue Token


You need to find a workable peer for the local command to connect, below is the list:

Using the command below to test the peer, if no error return, then it is a working peer

./bnbcli status --node=

Then you can create the token

1 total-supply boosted by 1e8 for decimal part
2 mintable means you can increase the total-supply in the future
3 node is the peer address you find above
4 you need 1000 BNB in the newtokenowner address as the fee to create the token

./bnbcli token issue --token-name "TEST" --total-supply 10000000000000000 --symbol TEST --mintable --from newtokenowner --chain-id Binance-Chain-Tigris   --node --trust-node

Submit your token to MathWallet

After issue your token, you can submit it to MathWallet in the link below

MathWallet need around 1 day to review the new token

Transfer the token in MathWallet

Download MathWallet:

In the Binance Wallet, click ‘+’ and add your token, then you can do the transfer / trading, etc.

More token related operation (Destory, Mint, etc)


Binance DEX Mainnet Current Fees (2019/04/17)
Issue-related fees
Issue token: 1,000 BNB
Mint Asset: 200 BNB
List Asset: 2,000 BNB
Submit Proposal: 10 BNB
Burn Asset: 1 BNB
Trading-related fee
New Order: 0 BNB
Cancel (No Fill): 0.0001 BNB
Order Expire (No Fill): 0.0001 BNB
Transfer/Deposit: 0.000625 BNB