How to buy EOS Winter Financial Plan?

Math Wallet have launched EOS Winter Financial Plan that has annualized return of 13% and break-even interest. Limited amount, first come first served. Install Math Wallet: 1. Switch to EOS wallet. If you don’t have EOS wallet, please create or import first. 2. Find DApp “EOS Financial Plan” 3. Click the product【EOS Winter Financial Plan】 […]

How to craete TRON wallet and get BP & Energy?

First of all, please download Math Wallet: 1 Create/Import TRX wallet   2 TRON TRC10 / TRC20 token transfer Note : TRC10 is the system token of TRON that featured with low cost in transaction and the support of Bancor exchange; RC20 is the smart contract token of TRON that has the same contract rule with ERC20 […]

Highlights of Math Wallet v1.9.0

Thank community friends for your valuable suggestions, we will try our best to make Math Wallet better and better. Here’s the primary optimizations and new functions of v1.9.0: 1、Launched TRON DApp Wallet TRON is a decentralized blockchain platform based on DPOS with resource model of Bandwidth + TRON Power that users are able to reduce […]

Project Update| 2018.11.16

Community Activities 【Magic — Dragon Reward】Activity has Ended The【Magic — Dragon Reward】activity that sponsored by MathWallet、EOSForce、SCRY、ESN、Delphy、Newdex、MediShares and EOSAWAKE has ended with over 18 thousands participants!! Thank community users for your great participation. Cooperation Math Wallet reached partnership with Beosin Math Wallet reached deep strategy cooperation with Beosin in the fields of wallet security, application audit, dapp research and smart […]

Math Wallet Supports Cross-chain Exchange

1. What is cross-chain exchange? The cross-chain exchange within MathWallet is a trading process based on the cross-chain protocol of SWFT Blockchain that users are able to exchange tokens across multiple blockchains without having to rely on centralized exchanges. Current available trading pairs : ETH-EOS、ETH-BTC、BTC-EOS 2. How to do cross-chain exchange? As the example of ETH-EOS: Install Math […]

Project Update| 2018.11.02

Community Activities 【Magic — Dragon Reward】Activity is Ongoing The【Magic — Dragon Reward】activity that sponsored by MathWallet、EOSForce、SCRY、ESN、Delphy、Newdex、MediShares and EOSAWAKE has more than 9 thousands participants and is still ongoing!! Download Math Wallet and create/import 6 different kinds of wallets to be eligible to participate in the lucky draw! Cooperation MathWallet Partnered with EOSGravity EOSGravity is a leading EOS community dedicated […]

Project Update| 2018.10.19

Community Activities 500,000 ESN Airdrop is Closing Ethersocial Network (, a public-chain project based on the Ethereum code that incubated DDENGLE, which is the largest cryptocurrency community in Korea. On Oct. 8th, MathWallet and Ethersocial Network (ESN) launched 500,000 ESN token Airdrop within MathWallet, and it is going to close in few days. Scroll down […]

Tutorial | How to use Chintai Rent/Lease EOS Resources

In Chintai, you can lease your leisure EOS and gain collect income. If you are a developer, you can also rent bandwidth/CPU resources in Chintai at a low price to lower your platform operating cost. Open MathWallet and switch to EOS wallet Download MathWallet : Press 【DApp】 in bottom and enter 【Chintai】   Login first   […]

Project Update| 2018.9.28

Community Activities Math Wallet has launched Public Chain Voting Activity Math Wallet has initiated Public Chain Voting activity. Users could join the activity through banner on DApp page. Now there are 14 listed public chains and the top 5public chains are NAS, BCH、XRP、ETC and ADA according to the latest data. Cooperation MathWallet Cooperated with ESN […]