MathWallet Newsletter 2020.09.18

Dear MathWallet user,

MathWallet has been going well for the past two weeks, here we wish to give you the comprehensive update.

MathWallet already supports Binance Smart Chain. Users can directly create addresses, store assets, Staking and transfer BSC token across the chain, so as to participate in BSC ecosystem more quickly and conveniently.

MathWallet App, browser extension wallet, has taken the lead to support NEAR mainnet, users can import wallet, transfer, receive NEAR and conduct other operations.

MathWallet now fully supports Nervos CKB, including CKB storage, address creation and transaction record. In the future, with the development of Nervos public chain, MathWallet will be the first to support the DApps on Nervos ecosystem.

KIRA Network, a decentralized liquid staking blockchain protocol, announces a strategic partnership with MathWallet, which will enable MathWallet users to hold and stake KEX tokens as well as other assets to earn revenue through KIRA Network and its multi-bonded Proof of Stake consensus.

MathWallet App

MathWallet app supports more than 40 different public chains, including BTC, ETH, EOS, TRON, Cosmos, etc., is an excellent decentralized wallet, and also supports Cloud Wallet mode.


1. Supported DApp on Binance Smart Chain
2. Optimized Gas fee on Binance Smart Chain
3. Added the standby node of Binance Smart Chain
4. Supported searching function of public chain

The new guide:

Binance Smart Chain Q&A with MathWallet

Binance Smart Chain Q&A with MathWallet

Math Web Wallet

Math Web Wallet is a web version MathWallet, together with Math extension wallet, you can make a fast and secure transfer and asset query operation.


1. Launched BSC Web Wallet

Math Extension Wallet

Math Extension Wallet is currently the only multi-chain extension wallet, which has supported more than 40 mainstream public chains, which is especially suitable for professional users and developers.


1. Optimized ETH Gas fee
2. Optimized BSC Gas fee

The new guide:

Binance Smart Chain Browser Extension Wallet User Guide

Binance Smart Chain Browser Extension Wallet User Guide

Math Cloud Wallet

Math Cloud Wallet is the web version of the Cloud Wallet, which ensures assets security, is easy to register and suitable for novices.

Link :

Math Staking

Participating in the node ecosystem of multiple PoS public chains, MathWallet developed a set of staking tools.

Link :

Polkadot node
– Polkadot node upgraded to v0.8.24;
Kusama node
– Kusama node upgraded to v0.8.24;
Secret node
– Upgraded to Secret-2 network;
FileCoin Testnet node
– Upgraded to v0.7.0;

Math VPoS Pool

Virtual Proof of Stake (VPoS) is a new kind of mining pool with multi-currency and Dual engines.

Link :

Math DApp Store

Math DApp Store is a platform for gathering decentralized applications and the entrance for all Dapp users.

Link :

From 5th September to 18th September, 33 DApps were added.


Uniswap Claim
UNI airdrops are available for users who have used Uniswap before September 1

Sustainable decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem

Staking UNI V2 LP, SUSHI SLP and winning MOON rewards

The decentralized exchange of Uniswap forks

Swerve is a stable currency exchange agreement which diverts from Curve


A similar verson of Uniswap on TRON, AMM decentralized exchange


BSC DeFi Mining
Expected annualized return 100%, one-click to participate in mining on BSC

A similar verson of Uniswap on BSC, AMM decentralized exchange

AMM decentralized exchange

Cream Finance
The lending platform on BSC


YFII Vault
YFII Vault on BSC

Spartan Protocol
Protocol to enhance liquidity and synthetic assets

Math Cloud SWAP

Math Cloud SWAP supports the fast trading of BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT, USDC, TRX, ATOM, MATH, PCX, KSM, DOT, FIL6M through the aggregation of the depth of exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, and OKEx.

Click Cloud Wallet – Trade

Link :

Math Cross-chain SWAP

The cross-chain SWAP in MathWallet is a cross-chain fast exchange service jointly launched by MathWallet and SWFT Blockchain, which supports cross-chain exchange between the following currencies:


Click HD Wallet – Trade

Math News

Math News provides the latest news and price information for all public chains supported by MathWallet.

Link :


MathLabs is an incubator and research center of MathWallet that incubates and produces a variety of projects, tools, and articles.

Link :

MathWallet API Documentation


MathChain is the Polkadot Smart Wallet Parachain based on Substrate.


1. Updated MathChain official website
2. Added Testnet data
3. Added new route map
4. Added Testnet block browser

Math Community Activities

Bluemountain Labs and MathWallet have reached a strategic cooperation on Polkadot Ecosystem. Both parties will make use of their respective advantages to build Polkadot Ecology and contribute to the development of blockchain and Polkadot.

MathWallet listed Uniswap Claim tool UNI. Users who have traded/provided liquidity before September 1st in Uniswap can receive 400 UNI, currently worth 2.5 ETH.

Math Show #012 opened at 2020.09.10 at 16:00. The guest is Yannis, the Director of the Korean FLETA project in Greater China Region, and Special host Yaling, The Korean Marketing Director of MathWallet, walk you through the Korean blockchain market, and diving into the “new chapter of the FLETA Blockchain application scene”.