Polkadot APP Wallet User Guide

Download MathWallet: https://www.mathwallet.org Create/import the Polkadot wallet Switch to Polkadot wallet: Click Create Wallet (Please store carefully mnemonics phrases) When mnemonic verification is completed, the creation is successful Polkadot DApp More Guide: How to use Polkadot Staking tool? Polkadot Staking Tool Operation Video DOT Claim in 2 Steps For more questions, Contact us on Telegram: https://t.me/mathwallet

DOT Claim in 2 Steps

MathWallet has developed a tool to simplify DOT claim process to only 2 steps! Step 1 – create a Polkadot account Install the Chrome Extension MathWallet https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/math-wallet/afbcbjpbpfadlkmhmclhkeeodmamcflc Switch Network to ‘Polkadot’ Click + button, and create a new address. Please make sure you backup the Mnemonic properly. Copy the address Step 2 – claim in […]

How to use Kusama Staking tool?

First download Math Wallet:https://www.mathwallet.org 1.Open Math Wallet,switch to Kusama ,and open Kusama Staking at Dapp store. 2.Enter the application, the default is stash account, click new stake. 3. Enter the number of Kusama that needs Staking and click confirm. 4. Switch to controller account. 5.Click Nominating-Set 6.Select the validator, up to 16 validators at the same […]

How to get KSM from Kusama Faucet

Generate vanity address First you need a kusama address include ‘ksma’ (KSMA or kSmA are all good). Open https://m.maiziqianbao.net/polka/vanity 1 Search ‘ksma’ and click ‘Generate’  2 ‘Export Private Key’ of the found address  3 Copy the private key  Import to MathWallet Install MathWallet from https://mathwallet.org App Wallet or Chrome Extension Wallet are […]

KSM Claim in MathWallet (After Genesis)

For DOT holders who did not complete KSM claim steps before the Kusama genesis. 1 Create Kusama address Install MathWallet Browser Extension http://mathwallet.org In MathWallet Browser Extension Switch Network to ‘Kusama’ Create a new Kusama address, and finish the backup process 2 Open ‘Claim’ app in Polkadot Web Wallet Click the blue【Web Wallet】button or visit […]

KSM Claim in MathWallet (Before Genesis)

Below are the steps to claim your Kusama token (KSM) using MathWallet before Kusama Genesis. For the claim process after Kusama Genesis, click go to http://blog.mathwallet.org/?p=914 1 Create Kusama Address Download MathWallet Browser Extension Wallet: https://mathwallet.org In Math Chrome Extension Wallet, switch network to ‘Kusama’ Create new wallet and backup Copy the wallet address 2 Complete […]