How to install MathWallet iOS TestFlight version

TestFlight version MathWallet has more functions than AppStore version. What’s TestFlight? TestFlight is an online service for helping developers test beta versions of their apps. Install TestFlight Version MathWallet 1 Install TestFlight in the AppStore 2 Install MathWallet TestFlight version Open Click ‘iPhone App’ – ‘TestFlight Version’ Then click ‘Install TestFlight Version’ button […]

Math’s work summary for Cosmos

We built MathWallet which supports Cosmos on all platforms including iOS/Android/Chrome Extension/Web ( We also built wallet and staking tools for other chains based on Cosmos SDK including IRISnet, Hashgard etc We create articles about cosmos wallet and staking ( Videos about cosmos wallet and staking ( | Open source cosmos web wallet to […]

MathWallet starts FIO account pre-sale

[中文版] What is FIO account FIO is developing the FIO Protocol, a decentralized open-source blockchain protocol, that will enable greatly enhanced user experience inside the FIO enabled wallets, exchanges and applications of their choice. With the FIO Protocol enabled, the sending and receiving of crypto tokens and coins from any blockchain on any wallet or […]

KSM Claim in MathWallet (After Genesis)

For DOT holders who did not complete KSM claim steps before the Kusama genesis. 1 Create Kusama address Install MathWallet Browser Extension In MathWallet Browser Extension Switch Network to ‘Kusama’ Create a new Kusama address, and finish the backup process 2 Open ‘Claim’ app in Polkadot Web Wallet Click the blue【Web Wallet】button or visit […]

How to setup 2FA for Cloud wallet

Enter the MathAccount – Google Verification, and copy the code Then you will need a authenticator app, both Authy and Google Authenticator works. “Authy” setup steps Install “Authy” in the AppStore or PlayStore iOS: Android: You need to use mobile to register Authy. And in the future you can you this account to restore your […]