MATH VPOS Pool Tutorial

What is MATH VPOS Pool?

VPOS (Virtual POS) is a new kind of mining pool which support BTC / ETH / EOS / USDT-ERC20 and more tokens in the future.
It provides bothBTC / ETH / EOS / USDT-ERC20 and also free MATH tokens as rewards.

What is MATH mining power?

The more you stake BTC / ETH / EOS / USDT-ERC20 to the pool, the higher your MATH mining power will be. And you will get more MATH tokens.

MATH Rewards = Staked Token * Mining Power of Staked Token / Total Mining Power * MATH Reward Pool

MATH token details?

You can find the details in MATH lightpaper:

How to get the VPOS rewards?

They will be sent to the Math Cloud Wallet everyday.
Cloud Wallet Tutorial:

How to check the latest mining power?

The mining power of MATH staking

Initially MATH mining power will be set to 1000. And later it will be defined by the MATH market price.

How to join the MATH VPOS Pool?

Install MathWallet
Find the ‘MATH VPOS Pool’ in the DApps list.

Cloud wallet instruction

HD wallet instruction

How to stake mine BTC or ETH to the pool?

You can stake your BTC from both the HD wallet or the cloud wallet.

What is VNode?

If you stake more than 100 MATH, you will be a VNode. VNode has 1.05~2 addition mining rate, and can get 1%~20% mining power from the invited users.

How to get the invitation link?

Open ‘My Staking’ and you will find your invitation code and invitation link.

Do I need enter the invitation code?

Not mandatory, but invited user will by default get 2% addition mining rate.

What is the value of MATH token?

You can find the details in MATH whitepaper:

Partners of MATH VPOS Pool

Fenbushi Capital, Amber AI, Fundamental Labs.

Any questions, join: