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ChainX’ s PoS Consensus pioneers the asset mining model One Asset One Vote, which measures the mining power based on the market value of BTC, ETH, EOS and other assets from user’s inter-chain deposits, and uses Bitcoin’s model to gradually halve the output to distribute PCX fairly. There is no ICO and pre-mining.

ChainX value user’s mining power based on the market value of BTC, DOT, ETH, ERC20, EOS and other assets that user cross-chain deposit in. There is no ICO and pre-mining. ChainX will try to make the validator scalable and civilization. ChainX will use the POS algorithm to establish the first blockchain network that can game for a long

Related Tokens

PCX — Token of ChainX, got through mining, could be transferred and voted. For more information about PCX, please refer to the ChainX Whitepaper.
X-BTC — Token of BTC that cross-chain deposit to ChainX, could be got via cross-chain transfer and withdrawn at any time.
SDOT — Token given to the first-round public offering investors of Polkadot. Could be received and tranferred via DOT mapping in ETH wallet.

Create ChainX Wallet


Click right up corner “Add Account”- “New Account”

Back up your mnemonic words and the ChainX Wallet is created.

Map DOT to get SDOT Airdrop

Enter “Assets”

Then click “Map” of SDOT

Copy the data

Enter “MathWallet”

Open the ETH wallet that participated the first round funding of Polkadot in Math Wallet

Make a transfer and click “Advanced”

Fill the information

Then copy the Transaction Number


Finally, go back to ChainX web wallet, paste the Transaction Number and click “Confirm”.

Then the SDOT will start mining PCX automatically, don’t forget to claim PCX regularly to get conpound return. ChainX Wallet Instruction – Asset Management and PCX Staking:


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If you have no PCX, you could join our telegram:
We will airdrop PCX to new users.