ChainX Mining Tutorial — Cross-chain BTC Deposits Mining

About ChainX

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ChainX is based on the Substrate architecture of Polkadot. ChainX value user’s mining power based on the market value of BTC, DOT, ETH, ERC20, EOS and other assets that user deposit. There is no ICO and pre-mining.

ChainX aims to break barriers among assets in different chains and creating the ecosystem of multi-currency integration. ChainX will use PoS consensus algorithm to establish the largest PoS node network in history.

Related Tokens

PCX —  Token of ChainX,  could be received through mining, also available for transfer and voting.  For more information about PCX, for more info please check ChainX whitepaper

L-BTC — Lockup BTC, could be locked on cross-chain
X-BTC —Interchain BTC, enables depoit, transfer via cross-chain and withdrawl at any time.
S-DOT — Shadow DOT, token distributed to the first-round public offering investors of Polkadot. Transfer and map is available.

Create ChainX Wallet


Click right up corner “Add Account”- “New Account”

Back up your mnemonic words and then ChainX Wallet is created.

Deposit BTC to ChainX

In the “Assets” page,Click BTC “Deposit”

Select Node to be: MathWallet


Copy the deposit address and OP_Return

Install Math Wallet

Create BTC wallet in MathWallet

Note:ChainX cross-chain deposit wallet needs “no SegWit”,so please set the address type to be “normal” when creating BTC wallet.


Paste the deposit address and add OP_RETURN from ChainX to initiate the first deposit.


Wait for the completion of BTC transfer to start automatic mining, don’t forget to regularly claim PCX and vote Node to get compound return, the detailed tutorial:


How to use BTC wallet mining on Desktop?

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