How to participate in the BSC 1st anniversary airdrop event

MathWallet co-organized BSC 1st anniversary airdrop event. Users can scan the code through MathWallet to receive the airdrop.

1. Download MathWallet app in app store or via

If you are the first time download MathWallet, you could check Binance Smart Chain APP Wallet User Guide

2.Scan the QR code to receive the airdrop

Switch to the BSC wallet, click “…” in the upper right corner to scan the activity QR code

Enter the event page and click “Go” to participate in the lottery

Activity Rules:

(1) Total Bonus for all 3 rounds: $110,000 equivalent crypto coins ($40,000 for the 1st round; $35,000 for the 2nd round; $35,000 for the 3rd round)
(2)Rewards will be sent to your wallet address within 48 hours after winning it.
(3)Login your BSC wallet via MathWallet to participate in the activity
(4)This activity is divided into 3 rounds, and each user can spin the wheel once in each round
(5)New surprise supplied in each round, and the number of prizes is limited, first come first served

After receiving the reward, you can check the reward details in “My Winning Record”


The QR code will appear in the live broadcast of Virtual Conference: 1 Year of BSC-Beyond the Big Bang. The conference will start on 9.1 13:00 UTC. There will be three rounds of airdrops in the process, with a total value of 110,000 USD+. Watch the conference live link: