MathChain Milestone Review #2

This article is the milestone review and future plan for MathChain

About MathChain

MathChain is the Layer 2 blockchain based on Substrate.

Based on the 1M+ MathWallet users, MathChain is focusing on smart wallet, massive adoption, go-to-market and inclusive blockchain applications and will be a decentralized permissionless parachain powered L2, that allows easy interoperaibility with Polkadot / Ethereum / BSC / Filecoin / Rollups / EVM side chains.

MathChain has been selected as one of the ‘Parity Substrate Builders Program’ projects.

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Official Website

New version released

Docs & wiki

Add API docs and development guide


Spending limit function

User can adjust the spending limit from web wallet

POA validator management

Testnet management purpose, add and remove validators

Account Service pallet

Add account alias, used for binding EVM address and social media account


Upgrade Substrate version
Upgrade Frontier version
Rococo connect testing
SecretStore nodes setup


Generate and binding EVM address as alias account in account service

EVM address web wallet (transfer in EVM environment, support ERC20 standard tokens)

Swap assets between runtime and EVM address.
Leverage the account service pallet, user can link an EVM address with the runtime address, and based on that can do assets swap between these 2 runtimes.

Runtime -> EVM

EVM -> Runtime


Support both runtime and EVM environment block explorer

Telemetry node explorer


Mathchain Galois Validator Community Event

Press Release: MathChain: Build the Blockchain Infrastructure for Mass Adoption

Partnership with DEGO Finance

Next Milestone