MathWallet Newsletter 2021.04.09

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Dear MathWallet user,

MathWallet has been going well for the past two weeks, here is the full guide.


MathWallet announced the partnership and on-going collaborations with EasyFi, the Layer 2 DeFi Lending protocol for digital assets powered by Polygon (former Matic Network), which takes a strong community-oriented governance approach with $EASY. 

MathWallet partnered with Automata. The partnership will empower MathWallet to provide privacy-protection operations to our wallet users, which is an important feature for the next-generation crypto wallet.

MathWallet supports Chainswap, users can quickly use Chainswap in MathWallet cross-chain tool for the transaction of ETH/BSC/HECO.

MathWallet now supports staking $PERP.

MathVault Farming Pool total value lockup reached $400 Million.

FinNexus opens the MATH Pool. FinNexus (FNX), a decentralized financial derivatives protocol, has launched a new round of farming activity on the BSC from 8:00 PM on 1st April to 8:00 PM on 4th April. Use could farm FNX by depositing Math.

MATH sponsored an online panel in Clubhouse “How long will the trend of NFT last?, hosted by Vogue Singapore. On the evening of 31st March, several world-renowned digital artists and representatives of well-known cryptographic institutions discussed the definition of NFT, the characteristics of digital art compared to physical art, the new class of fashion industry and other topics.

The first global large crypto art exhibition “Virtual Niche——Have You Ever Seen Memes in the Mirror?” opened in Beijing UCCA Lab on 26th March. The art pieces of NFT artist Jiaying Liu sponsored by MATH have been publicly displayed at 798 Beijing exhibition. The exhibition in Shanghai, which will be launched on 9th April, will show diverse contents other than Beijing Exhibition. This exhibition is expected to be a successful breakthrough attempt to make crypto art come on the stage.

Math sponsored “Paradigm Shift” — Global Disruptors Summit hosted by Star Consulting. Frank Fu, CEO of the Math Foundation, was invited as guest speaker to attend the panel.  This conference will be held on 15th April, gathering Eastern and Western blockchain disruptors, and discussing the trendy topics of the new waves of global blockchain and digital assets.

MathChain Wiki has been updated, click to view:

MathChain Milestone 2 has been released, click to view:

MathWallet App

MathWallet App supports more than 60 different public chains, including BTC, ETH, Polkadot, Cosmos, Filecoin, Solana etc., is an excellent decentralized wallet, and also supports Cloud Wallet mode.


  • Optimized Terra Wallet
  • Optimized Cosmos Wallet
  • Optimized IrisNet Wallet
  • Optimized DAPP connection

The new guide:

Polygon (Matic) Wallet User Guide

Math Web Wallet

Math Web Wallet is web version of MathWallet, together with Math extension wallet, you can make a fast and secured transaction and check asset balance.


  • Updated Iris Staking tool
  • Updated Cosmos Staking tool

Math Extension Wallet

Math Extension Wallet is currently the only multi-chain extension wallet, which has supported more than 60 mainstream public chains, which is especially suitable for professional users and developers.


  • Updated Cosmos Wallet
  • Updated Iris Wallet

Math Cloud Wallet

Math Cloud Wallet is the web version of the Cloud Wallet, which ensures assets security, is easy to register and suitable for novices.


Math Staking

Participating in the node ecosystem of multiple PoS public chains, MathWallet developed a set of staking tools.



MathVault is a CeFi + DeFi + Staking Aggregator.


Math DApp Store

Math DApp Store is a platform for gathering decentralized applications and provides the entrance for all Dapp users.



Rainbow Bridge
ETH-NEAR cross-chain bridge

Digital asset cross-chain bridge

Decentralized lending protocol

MDEX Bridge
Fei Tribe- Heco cross-chain bridge

Perp Staking Tools
Staking Perp to get reward


Hyper Finance
DeFi farming aggregator

Register to receive NFT airdrops

Ape Board
Cross-chain DeFi Dashboard

Stablecoin exchange protocol simliar to Curve

Building Products to Bring BTC into DeFi


Heco chain decentralized lending platform

Decentralized trading product


AMM Dex on Harmony


Marketplace for crypto collectibles


Aggragator for all projects building on Solana

Math Cloud SWAP

Math Cloud SWAP supports the fast trading of BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT, USDC, TRX, ATOM, MATH, PCX, KSM, DOT, FIL through the depth aggregation of exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, and OKEx.

Click Cloud Wallet – Trade



Unified cross-chain operation entrance. Cross-chain operation can be performed between various public chains supported by MATH, and the supported protocols include Solana Wormhole, Binance Bridge, Ren, tBTC, Polkadot XCMP, Cosmos IBC, etc.

Math News

Math News provides the latest news and price information for all public chains supported by MathWallet.



MathLabs is an incubator and research center of MathWallet that incubates and produces a variety of projects, tools, and articles.

Link :

MathWallet API Documentation


MathChain is the Layer 2 blockchain based on Substrate.

Based on the 1M+ MathWallet users, MathChain is focusing on massive adoption, go-to-market and inclusive blockchain applications and will be a decentralized permissionless parachain powered L2, that allows easy interoperaibility with Polkadot, Ethereum, BSC, Filecoin, Rollups, EVM side chains.


MathChain Wiki:

The new guide:

Mathchain Galois Validator Community Event

MathChain Networks Guide

MathChain Milestone Review #2