Enigma Staking Tool User Guide

Note: Enigma has been upgraded to SecretNetwork, please check link below of the guide for SecretNetwork

Download the MathWallet: https://mathwallet.org

Add staking to the validator

Open the MathWallet, switch to Enigma wallet, and open the Enigma Staking tool in the DApps

Go to the DApp and click “add stake”

Select the validator (SCRT has one person one vote system)

Confirm the authorized validator

Enter the number of SCRTS you need to stake and click “stake” to complete the staking process

Extract earnings and compounding interests

Click on the corresponding staking

Click “withdraw”

The operation for “reinvest” is the same as that of “withdraw”


Click the corresponding staking — withdraw — insert quantity — click “withdraw”


Click the corresponding stakeing – stake – select the verifier to be transferred and the number of input – click “restake” to complete

If you have any question,please ask for it from our customer service

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