Enigma APP Wallet User Guide

Note: Enigma has been upgraded to SecretNetwork, please check link below of the guide for SecretNetwork

Download MathWallet


Create/import the Enigma wallet

To switch the wallet interface, slide down on the left side to find the Enigma icon, select and click the + in the upper right corner to start creating/importing the Enigma wallet

Once the wallet is created/imported, you can view the balance of the corresponding address.


Click the corresponding currency to start the transfer

For transaction handling fees, click “advanced settings” to adjust, with a minimum of 1500 μ Scrt

Note: SCRT is the mainnet token for Enigma

Go to the DApps page to check more DAPPs in Enigma ecosystem.

If you have more questions, you can contact the customer service staff by add into telegram group: t.me/mathwallet