VPoS Mining Pool Tutorial 7 – How to invite friend and get 20% rewards

How do I send an invitation link?

Enter VPOS mining pool, “my staking”, and then click “invite friends”

The more staked MATH, the more invitation rewards you get:

The user only needs to fill in the invitation code while staking, then will receive extra 2% power bonus.

How do I view the mining power rewards by invitation?

Enter the VPOS pool, “my staking”, and then click on the first line “node address”

Then on the open page, you can see the “invitation power”, including the source(address of users) and the specific value (power).

Enigma Staking Tool User Guide

Download the MathWallet: http://www.mathwallet.xyz

Note: for IOS users, please download the TestFlight version

Add staking to the validator

Open the MathWallet, switch to Enigma wallet, and open the Enigma Staking tool in the DApps

Go to the DApp and click “add stake”

Select the validator (SCRT has one person one vote system)

Confirm the authorized validator

Enter the number of SCRTS you need to stake and click “stake” to complete the staking process

Extract earnings and compounding interests

Click on the corresponding staking

Click “withdraw”

The operation for “reinvest” is the same as that of “withdraw”


Click the corresponding staking — withdraw — insert quantity — click “withdraw”


Click the corresponding stakeing – stake – select the verifier to be transferred and the number of input – click “restake” to complete

If you have any question,please ask for it from our customer service

Add telegramt.me/mathwallet

Enigma APP Wallet User Guide

MathWallet has officially supported Enigma, the user guide is as shown in following step:

Download MathWallet


For iOS users, please download the Testflight version

Create/import the Enigma wallet

To switch the wallet interface, slide down on the left side to find the Enigma icon, select and click the + in the upper right corner to start creating/importing the Enigma wallet

Once the wallet is created/imported, you can view the balance of the corresponding address.


Click the corresponding currency to start the transfer

For transaction handling fees, click “advanced settings” to adjust, with a minimum of 1500 μ Scrt

Note: SCRT is the mainnet token for Enigma

Go to the DApps page to check more DAPPs in Enigma ecosystem.

If you have more questions, you can contact the customer service staff by add into telegram group: t.me/mathwallet


VPoS mining pool tutorial 6 – How to increase mining power

There are two ways to improve mining power:

Method 1 – stake more MATH to the mining pool

You can reinvest MATH earnings into the MATH pool, or buy more MATH stakings into the pool through Math cloud wallet.

Note: stake more MATH also increase mining power for invitee.

Method 2 – join VPoS with an invitation code

Users invited to join VPoS will receive 2% mining power bonus

When you add new stake, fill in a valid invitation code

If you don’t have any invitation code,please ask for it ifrom our customer service

Add telegram:/t.me/mathwallet

VPoS mining pool tutorial 5 – How to view daily mining return

You can view the daily accumulative income details of the mining return in “my staking” on mobile phone.

You can also enter into “cloud wallet” – “transaction” to see the total revenue flow

You can also enter your MATH node address through the MATH VPoS browser to see the staking and revenue details for all of your mining pools



VPoS mining pool tutorial 4 – How to participate mining through exchange

Find the entrance to the VPoS pool in the DApps of any wallet

Enter a mining pool of one curreny (ETH for example) and switch to “from exchange”

Copy the receipt address and notes to the withdrawal form of the exchange

Note: notes are not required for BTC and ETH, however notes must be filled in for EOS and Cosmos. If you forget to fill in the notes, please contact the customer service of MathWallet at hello@mathwallet.org

After the exchange confirms the withdrawal on chain, the assets that have been successfully topped up to the mining pool can be seen after entering “my staking”.

VPoS mining pool tutorial 3 – How to participate mining through cloud wallet

Click on the top right corner to switch wallets, and then select the “cloud wallet” in the top left corner.

Complete the cloud wallet registration, and withdrawal password and other security settings, you can see details here: Math cloud wallet operation guide

Select the assets you want to participate in the VPoS pool and top up

Enter “DApps” and find the entrance to the VPoS mining pool

Open Stake interface to select the assets of the crypto wallet(cloud wallet)

After confirming the “trust”, you can see the assets successfully topped up to the mining pool in “my staking”.

Cloud Wallet tutorial:


VPoS mining pool tutorial 2 – How to participate mining through HD Wallet

You can find the entrance to the VPoS mining pool at any HD wallet (Decentralized Wallet) – :DApps】

After entering the mining pool of certain currency (ETH for example) and entering the amount of the staking amount, you can send the asset directly from the current HD wallet (Decentralized wallet) to the mining pool.

Confirm the amount in the popup screen and enter the password.

After the completion of the transfer, we need to wait for confirmation on the chain (different waiting time from different chains). After confirmation, we can enter my staking and see the assets that have been successfully topped up to the mining pool.

HD Wallet instruction:

VPoS Mining Pool Tutorial 1 – Beginner Guide

What is MATH VPOS Pool?

VPOS (Virtual POS) is a new kind of mining pool which support BTC / ETH / EOS / USDT-ERC20 and more tokens in the future. VPoS has characteristics of multi-currency and dual-engine.

Multi-currency: VPOS supports mining in all currencies, initially we open to BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT-ERC20, other tokens will be gradually added in the mining pool in the future.

Twin engines: take the example of depositing BTC into the mining pool. In addition to earning BTC interest, you can also earn MATH token.

What is MATH?

MATH products include: MathWallet, VPoS pool, MATHDEX, MDS, MATH dApp Store, etc.MathWallet is one of the leading blockchain wallets with nearly one million active users and the most support for public links

Currently the public chains suported include BTC, ETH, EOS, TRON, Cosmos, Binance Chain, ONT, Polkadot Substrate, NEO, IRISnet, ChianX, EOSC, ENU, BOS, Telos, NAS, ESN, Kusama, Edgeware, Harmony, Ethereum Classic, TomoChain, Fibos, Worbli, Hashgard, 40 public chains and DAPP ecosystem.

MathWallet investors include Fenbushi Capital, Danhua Capital, FundamentalLabs and other famous blockchain investment institutions.

What is MATH mining power?

The more you stake BTC / ETH / EOS / USDT-ERC20 to the pool, the higher your MATH mining power will be. And you will get more MATH tokens.
MATH Rewards = Staked Token * Mining Power of Staked Token / Total Mining Power * MATH Reward Pool

Total MATH token and mining model

Total MATH token worth 28.57 million USD, which include:

60% will be released by mining, halving every two years.

30% will be issued to investment institutions, no lock-up requirements.

10% will be distributed to the community through Lockdrop, digital asset insurance, etc.

The detailed introduction to MATH can be viewed at:

MATH Token Introduction

How to get the VPOS rewards

They will be sent to the Math Cloud Wallet everyday.
Cloud Wallet Tutorial: http://blog.mathwallet.org/?p=974

Gained and mined MATH token will not be locked up.

Does the mining pool break even?

It will preserve the prncipal but not interest, similar to Yu’e Bao at Alipay.

How to check the latest mining power?


Mortgage MATH’s mining arithmetic

Before the launch of the MATH main network, the mining power will be fixed at 1000, and will be adjusted according to the market price multiplied by a certain coefficient.

The mining power of MATH staking

Initially MATH mining power will be set to 1000 before the launch of Mainnet. And it will be adjusted by the MATH market price multiple coefficient after the launch.

How does a non-POS token earn revenue

It achieves stable returns through quantitative trading by working with well-known Trading institutions, such as Amber, AlphaOne, and other Trading partners of MATH.

How to join the MATH VPOS Pool?

Install MathWallet https://mathwallet.org/
Find the ‘MATH VPOS Pool’ in the DApps list.

Cloud wallet instruction

HD Wallet instruction:

How to recharge to VPOS mining pool?

You can use the HD wallet to recharge directly, or you can first recharge to the cloud wallet and then transfer to the VPOS mining pool

VPOS mining pool official opening time: 2019/9/26 12:00

What is VNode?

If you stake more than 100 MATH, you will be a VNode. VNode has 1.05~2 addition mining rate, and can get 1%~20% mining power from the invited users.

Details: http://blog.mathwallet.net/?p=2062

How to invite others to join VPoS and calculate the specific reward?

Enter the VPOS pool, click on [mstaking], you can get the invitation code and the invitation link

Mortgage 100 MATH to become a VNode, according to the level of the super node, the super node can get 1~20% of the mining power of the invited user (except only inviting user to mortgage MATH).

Invited by the steps: http://blog.mathwallet.net/?P = 2292

The relationship of  VNode level and proportion, please see: http://blog.mathwallet.net/?P = 2062

Can the invitee get any reward?

Users invited to join the pool will receive a 2% mining power rewards.

Is there a handling fee for redemption?

Redemption is free of charge.

See the cloud wallet withdrawal fee: http://blog.mathwallet.net/?P = 2283

Do you support early redemption?

Redemption is not currently supported. As the product gradually matures, we will optimize the redemption time window and the function of paying penalty fee to redeem in advance.

At present, the waiting period for redemption of Math VPOS mining pool is 21 days.

The value of MATH 

The value of MATH is as a handling fee for the one-stop-shop solution of Math digital finance, and VPOS mining is just one way for MATH to deliver.

Where to trade MATH

BitMart: https://www.bitmart.io/trade/en?Symbol = MATH_USDT

Partners of MATH VPOS

MATH VPOS pool’s partners include prominent institutions: Fenbushi Capital, Amber AI, FundamentalLabs.

🎁Win Limited #MathWallet NFTs – Math x Ethereum:MathWallet Collectibles Series 1🎁

MathWallet NFTs – Math x Ethereum:MathWallet Collectibles Series 1

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