How to swap YAS-EOS to YAS-Mainnet in MathWallet

Register Math Cloud Wallet

Install MathWallet from

Switch to Cloud Wallet and register a new account

Deposit your YAS-EOS from your EOS wallet into cloud wallet

Using MathSwap in Cloud Wallet

Switch to ‘Trade’ tab and select ‘YAS’ in the swap from, enter the number of YAS you need to swap to YAS-Mainnet

Create YAS wallet

You need to use DAPP to create your YAS mainnet account first

Then you need to import the YAS account, select YAS as wallet type and click + to import your YAS account

For Chrome extension wallet, check below article

Withdraw YAS-Mainnet to YAS wallet

Switch back to CloudWallet, and choose transfer the YAS-Mainnet token

After the cloud transaction completed, you will get the Mainnet YAS in your YAS wallet

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MathWallet Newsletter #001

Dear Math Wallet User,

As the year of 2020 just began, we are excited to announce that our english newsletter will be officially released at Janurary 2020, we will deliver it by every two weeks and the content will include but not limited to our latest Math News, Blockchain industrial trend and other relevant informations to share with you.

Here is summary of our two new updates on the Math Wallet platform since December 9th 2019 till now:

  1. Completed full support for Kusama chain;
  2. Realized 0 commission for Cloud wallet internal transfer;
  3. Fixed NEO and TRON node problems;
  4. Became Compatible with Cosmos hub-3.

Math News highlights:

  • By December 27 2019 , Math Cloud Wallet released new features SWAP which allows user to Swap USDT to BTC/ETH/EOS/TRX/ATM/MATH within 3 seconds!
  • On December 28,2019, Math Wallet participated in the Second Blockchain Industry Economic Annual Conference, and was selected as a candidate in the field of digital wallet, and has been included in the 2019 China blockchain industry yearbook
  •  On January 3, 2020, Math wallet officially launched Kusama Staking tool.

MATH provides validating service and is the validator of many POS chains. MATH also developed a set of staking tools for these chains. Here is the list and their “vote for a service node” rewards at Jan 9th 2020 according to Staking Rewards app:

Cosmos: 8.24%

IRISnet: 10.96%

EOSC: 16.72%

Kusama: 20%

CoinEx: 9.99%

Mdukey: 10%

ChainX: 87.4%

Bytom: 7%

IOST: 11.0%

ENU: 2.1%

EOS: 4.38%

Darwinia —

Plasm —

As many of you already throw attention to our superstar product VPOS, the latest report shows that Math Pool has as high as 35.67% average annualized return, our overall VPOS performance stays ahead of our competitors which focus on crypto asset management and staking pools features. Remember, our invited user will by default get 2% addition mining rate, get more information on our website

We are looking forward for your feedback on our newsletter and please help to spread the words out!

Math Wallet Marketing Group

YAS Mainnet Extension Wallet Guide

Download MATH Chrome Extension Wallet

Configure YAS Mainnet

Configuration – Network – EOS – Custom Network

Enter the following configuration, stake address is:

Switch to YAS

Click【Import Wallet】and type in EOS wallet private key.

Web Wallet

Open ,Select Local  Testnet

Configure local testnet,set up Nodeos URL as:

Login using Math/Leaf, then you can do the transfer and stake, etc.

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How to use Kusama Staking tool?

First download Math Wallet:

Note:IOS user please download TestFlight version.

1.Open Math Wallet,switch to Kusama ,and open Kusama Staking at Dapp store.

2.Enter the application, the default is stash account, click new stake.

3. Enter the number of Kusama that needs Staking and click confirm.

4. Switch to controller account.

5.Click Nominating-Set

6.Select the validator, up to 16 validators at the same time, and the votes are randomly assigned on the chain. (Please leave a small balance in your wallet as a handling charge otherwise you may lose the vote).

Please watch the detailed operation video:

 Kusama Staking Tools User Guide

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How to use SWAP in the Math Cloud Wallet?

1.What is SWAP?

Math Cloud Wallet Swap,is the new feature that Math Wallet launched, the user could directly make fast-speed token transaction at Cloud Wallet web page of Cloud Wallet- Trade, without transact token into crypto exchange, user could enjoy 5 second Swap service on the wallet page.

Now Math Wallet opens the exchange among BTC, ETH, EOS, MATH, ATOM and USDT.

2.How to use Swap in the Math Cloud Wallet ?

 The following steps is using MATH (original currency) to exchange USDT (target currency) as an example to introduce the process of currency exchange:

Step 1: Switch to Math Cloud Wallet and click on the “Trade” bar at the bottom

Step 2: Select the exchange object (original currency)

On the exchange interface, select the original currency to be exchanged: MATH

Step 3: Set the exchange amount

Enter receive/transfer amount

Step4: Initiate Swap

Click the “Swap”-“Confirm” button in turn, enter the wallet password, initiate a Swap application, and wait for the order to be completed.

Step 5: Review the order

Return to the Swap page to view the order and Swap status.


Notes on the status of Swap:

1. There are three types of Swap status: Processing, Done, and Order Failed.

2. If you have any questions about the order details, you can click on “have question on this order” on the Swap details page and contact customer service for help.


About the time required for Swap:

After the Swap order is initiated, all supported tokens can be processed within 5 seconds.

How to contact customer service for order problems:

For order related issues, you can contact customer service staff through any of the following channels:

Email customer service:

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Mobile Wallet

Install MathWallet

Then import or create the TRON wallet

Go to 'DApp' – 'Just Game'

Extension Wallet

Install Math Chrome Extension Wallet

Install link:

Then import or create the TRON wallet

Find the Just Game dApp


Enter 'Just Game'

Click 'Login' button, and choice 'TRONLINK' as login type

Buy BOXes

Select 'Box Type' and enter the number of boxes


Click 'Accept' in the extension popup box

How to get KSM from Kusama Faucet

Generate vanity address

First you need a kusama address include ‘ksma’ (KSMA or kSmA are all good).


1 Search ‘ksma’ and click ‘Generate’

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 14.41.30

2 ‘Export Private Key’ of the found address

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 14.41.41

3 Copy the private key

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 14.41.49

Import to MathWallet

Install MathWallet from
App Wallet or Chrome Extension Wallet are both fine.

Request Faucet


Click ‘New issue’

Title can be anything, like ‘test’

Comment field enter the Kusama wallet address (not the private key)

Click ‘Submit new issue’ and you will get 0.1 KSM in around 30s.


A single GitHub account can get 0.1 KSM every 24 hours.

The total number of KSM available to all users of the faucet is 10 KSM per day.