Tutorial | How to Rent/Lease EOS Resources in MathWallet

Based on EOS resource model, you will need both CPU and network to do any actions on EOS. And the quota of your resource changes according to the latest chain status.

There are 2 ways you can get more resource, stake more EOS or rent from market.

This article is about how to rent resource in MathWallet.

1 Open MathWallet and switch to EOS wallet
Download MathWallet : http://mathwallet.org

2 Click【DApp】 and select the ‘Resource’ category in DAPP list

There are 4 different types dapp for Rent/Lease EOS Resources:


You can find different REX dapps built by different teams, but they are all using the REX service on EOS chain. You can just select one REX dapp you like to rent/lease EOS resource.

for example, you can below REX dapp in the DApps

or visit https://bloks.io/rex in DApp Browser within the wallet.

Switch the ‘Borrow CPU/NET’ tab, and borrow the resource you need.

If you want to know how many EOS should you stake, visit https://www.eoscharge.io and it will show you the staked EOS needed for different operations.

Lend from friends

This is also EOS native service. If you know who you are lending to, use the dapp “EOS Resource for Other”. Type the EOS account and you can direct stake resource for them or ask them to stake for you.

Resource market

Such as Chintai, provide 3rd party resource lending market, and you can choose the price by yourself.

Rent with fiat/coin

Other dapp also provide service that you can pay fiat or stable coin to rent the resource.

For example ‘Easy Pay’

DDOS Mining Guide

What is DDOS

DDOS is a TRC20 token mined by TRON Energy.

25 DDOS generated in every second, in which 22.5 DDOS goes to mining pool and remining 2.5 goes to creator team address.
Airdrop start at 2019/11/2 14:00:00 and will continue for 15 month. Finally 1 billion DDOS will be created.

Issue the getToken function in contract TVRwKecUN5iLMdNhA7RYGTRZWuecei2rxC and it will send 0.01% of current DDOS balance in the contract back to you.

Who created DDOS

The author of DDOS is a well known dapp developer who is called Master Gao in the TRON community.

As mentioned by the creator of DDOS project:

Tron has transaction fees. Eos does not. Tron is better structured to deal with network congestion due to the ability to pay tx fees. The Tron community should support DDOS and prove to Eos which blockchain is better.

Value of DDOS

Similar as BTC using real electric power for mining, DDOS use TRON Energy for mining.

Project Information

Website: https://ddostron.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ddostron
Contract Address: TVRwKecUN5iLMdNhA7RYGTRZWuecei2rxC
Open Source Code:
Mining Status: https://dapp.review/dapp/12382/ddos

How to get TRON Energy

Method #1

If you cannot have any TRON Energy you can still mining, it will cost you 0.2 TRX per transaction.

Method #2

You can stake TRX to get more Energy


Method #3

You can also lend Energy with small TRX fee through the TronLending DAPP or just visit https://tronlending.org

Start Mining

Install MathWallet: https://mathwallet.org

Open you MathWallet, go to ‘DAPP’ – ‘DDOS Miner (WIN96)’ and you can start mining both in APP or in Chrome Extension.

We strongly recomended MathWallet Chrome Extension as it allows you mining in the background 24*7. Check the video instruction below:


Trade DDOS


MATH Staking Introduction

MATH providing validating service and is the validator of many POS chains. MATH also developed a set of staking tools for these chains.

MATH Validator Information


Validator Name: MathWallet 麦子钱包
Validator Account: cosmosvaloper1x065cjlgejk2p2la0029akfvdy52gtq9mm58ta
Info: https://www.mintscan.io/validators/cosmosvaloper1x065cjlgejk2p2la0029akfvdy52gtq9mm58ta
Staking Guide: http://blog.mathwallet.org/?p=427


Validator Name: MathWallet 麦子钱包
Validator Account: iva1k4l7jnkfj6nfzxd3su94s0kauhcsx2gzl43spu
Staking Guide: http://blog.mathwallet.org/?p=552


Validator Account: mathwalletbp
Info: https://explorer.eosforce.io/#/cn/search_res_view/mathwalletbp/


Validator Account: MATHWALLET
Controller Address:FFdDXFK1VKG5QgjvqwxdVjo8hGrBveaBFfHnWyz1MAmLL82
Staking Guide: http://blog.mathwallet.org/?p=1160


Validator: maiziwallet
Operator Address:coinexvaloper1pzs9etf5u46yf0hgsflxg50pn20d6f97gavavq
Self-Delegate Address:coinex1pzs9etf5u46yf0hgsflxg50pn20d6f97nj04z5


Validator Account: MathWallet
Operator Address:mdukeyvaloper134tzag0nfzc4r87xsfm3nmwftvmhdalcdlmy4x
Self-Delegate Address:mdukey134tzag0nfzc4r87xsfm3nmwftvmhdalcy9g9sx


Validator Name: MathWallet
Validator Address:5E2Tw7ynJM6V5tcJo626PWKCX7BLUPYN8ro5RsdUqgC3QWWt
Controller Address:5E9vgciaXxkZ3eJcV3dDQxaJFP24EdwUvgxRDBjJVvhF4GFn


Validator Name:MathWallet
Validator Address:5FHRFdTcVTUdcpf3iF5bqh9jgXxGsoxtSnCNgLdpk3jDcxrE


Validator Account: MathWallet
Info: https://scan.chainx.org/validators/Bitcoin/0x80269f1c8712f25eb590fc849b89c79cc9b2309b2b2696e96d5610a08581b8aa
Staking Guide: http://blog.mathwallet.org/?p=429


Validator Account: MathWallet


Validator Account: mathwallet
Info: https://www.iostabc.com/account/mathwallet


Validator Account: mathwalletbp
Info: https://enumivo.world/search?q=mathwalletbp


Validator Account: mathwalletbp
Info: https://www.eosx.io/account/mathwalletbp
Staking Guide: http://blog.mathwallet.org/?p=548

BD: hello@mathwallet.org

MATH Token Introduction

Introduction of $MATH token, if you have any other questions about #MATH, leave your comments and we will reply.

Website: http://mathwallet.org

Whitepaper: https://github.com/mathwallet/whitepaper/raw/master/MATH-Whitepaper-EN.pdf

Explorer: http://explorer.mathwallet.org

Token Contract:

Listed Exchanges:
BitMart: https://www.bitmart.io/trade/en?symbol=MATH_USDT