How to participate in farming in AAVE ( Polygon)

Kicking off L2 DeFi Summer with 40 Million+ USD in Liquidity Mining rewards from Polygon for Aave’s Polygon markets: Download MathWallet first: Create Wallet Polygon (Matic) Wallet User Guide: Cross-chain asset MathWallet already supports ETH-Polygon cross-chain feature. Click cross-chain to make the transfer. Start Farming Open DApp–Aave  Switch to Aave – Polygon Here we take […]

Polygon (Matic) Wallet User Guide

Create Polygon Wallet in MathWallet App Download MathWallet first: Create Polygon wallet Open MathWallet – Polygon Click create wallet Input wallet name and wallet password Make a copy of the mnemonic (please keep the mnemonic properly and do not give it to another person in any form) Complete mnemonics and finish creation Transfer and receive MATIC Click MATIC to enter receive/transfer page […]