🎁Win Limited #MathWallet NFTs – Math x Ethereum:MathWallet Collectibles Series 1🎁

MathWallet NFTs – Math x Ethereum:MathWallet Collectibles Series 1 Activity period: 2020/03/09 4:00 pm (UTC) – 2019/03/11 4:00 pm (UTC) How to take part: 1️⃣ Download MathWallet and create Ethereum Wallet 2️⃣ Retweet or Share the activity post on social media with #MathWallet 3️⃣ Tag two Friends 4️⃣ Fill in this form with: https://gleam.io/DTkvy/mathwallet-nfts-collectibles-series-1 🔴WARNING: […]

Enigma MathWallet Extension Tutorial

Note: Enigma has been upgraded to SecretNetwork, please check link below of the guide for SecretNetwork http://blog.mathwallet.org/?tag=secretnetwork Install the MathWallet Chrome Extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/math-wallet/afbcbjpbpfadlkmhmclhkeeodmamcflc Switch Network to ‘Enigma’ Create or Import Enigma wallet Click ‘Web Wallet’ Click ‘Login via MathWallet Browser Extension’ Choose one Enigma wallet Then you can view your SCRT balance and transfer SCRT in […]

MathWallet NFT Guide

NFT (Non – Fungible Token) defines an indivisible, unique standard of interface specification in tokens exchange and circulation. On the blockchain, digital currency are divided into two categories: native coin and token. The former, such as Bitcoin and Qtum, have its own main chain and use transactions on the chain to maintain ledger data;The latter, such […]

Harmony Wallet Guide

MathWallet APP has now supported Harmony Download MathWallet https://mathwallet.org 1 Create/Import Harmony Wallet Go to ‘Switch Wallet’, scroll down and select ‘Harmony’ icon in the list, then click ‘+’ button in the top-left, then you can start create/import Harmony wallet. After import you should be able to view the balances in the select Shard. Transfer […]

How to use the Edgeware Staking tool

Download MathWallet: https://mathwallet.org 1. Open the MathWallet, switch to Edgeware Wallet, and open the Edgeware Staking tool in the application 2. Enter the DAPP, the default is storage account, click “New stake” (For guide on storage and control account, please click: guide on storage and control account) 3. Enter the number of Edgeware that needs Staking and […]

How to get Lockdrop EDG in MathWallet

1 Install MathWallet APP https://mathwallet.org 2 Import Edgeware Wallet When you participate Edgeware Lockdrop, you generated the keypair, and now find out your Phrase Go to MathWallet, choose 'Edgeware' chain, and click + to import your wallet. Choose 'Import by Mnemonic' Then you are all set! For more questions, join MathWallet telegram: https://t.me/mathwallet