How to issue a Token on Binance Chain

Currently the only way is using command line tool Install CLI Doc: Clone package from github git clone Enter sub folder (This example, we use Mac and v0.5.8.1, for other client read the offical doc above) cd cli/prod/ Create Account ./bnbcli keys add newtokenowner Please backup the account, and send some BNB to this […]

Guide of TRX Market IEO (Chrome Extension)

I. Install Math Wallet, create TRX wallet, transfer TRX into the wallet 1 Go to Chrome APP Store and Install 2 Create password, at least 8 characters. 3 Enter the wallet and select TRON. 4 Click 【+】and choose 【Create Wallet】   5 Enter wallet password 6 Backup the private key 7 Copy the address […]