MathWallet AMA 201910


Q: I’v had this problem every since I made my trade inside my Math Bitcoin Wallet to my Math Tron Wallet! The problem is everywhere I look the transation says the trade went through OK but I cant’t find anywhere that shows that I have any Tron at all inside my Math Tron Wallet.

A: We are using SWFT blockchain as 3rd party service provider, the transaction time may impacted by blockchain transaction comfirmation time. If you have any questions about SWAP service, you may contact the SWFT customer service, remember to provide your OrderNo or screenshot:


Q: What happened to the BNB i transferred? 2 days ago? i dont received in my binance.
A: Please check your address transaction records in
If it is confirmed, then you will need to contact the customer service of Binance.


Q: I cant remember my BTC wallet password.. how do I recover?
A: Please check


Q: My funds on math wallet show the wrong number,it doesnt updating.
A: Normally this is related to node issue. Please change to another node in Me-Settings-Node Settings