MathWallet now supports BTC Ordinals NFT

What is BTC Ordinals NFT?

The Ordinals protocol assigns a unique serial number to each Satoshi based on the mining order of Satoshi, making it non-homogeneous. When transferring Satoshi, it follows the first-in, first-out rule. Since both the numbering scheme and the transfer scheme are order-dependent, the protocol is named Ordinals.

The Ordinals protocol runs on the core full node of Bitcoin. Users can bind any data such as text, pictures, videos, etc. to a single “Satoshi” through the Ordinals protocol, and add it to Bitcoin transactions to form an inscription. Based on the Ordinals system, these Satoshi can be tracked. Because these inscriptions are unique, permanent, traceable, and transferable, BTC Ordinals NFT is derived.

The following is a usage tutorial:

First switch to the Bitcoin network

Create or import a wallet which have BTC Ordinals NFT, select the path “Taproot”

In this way, you can see the wallet address starting with “bc”, click on the “Collectibles” button

Click the “serch” column, enter your NFT name, find and add the corresponding NFT

After adding, return to the wallet page, click on the “collectibles” column, and select the NFT you want to operate

Click the “Send” button to enter the operation page

Enter the wallet address you want to transfer to, then click “Next”

In this way, the transfer operation of BTC Ordinals NFT can be completed