MathWallet now supports ERC6551 (NFT owned wallet)

MathWallet now supported ERC6551 (NFT owned wallet)

What is ERC6551 ?

ERC-6551 is Ethereum’s new standard for NFT, designed to make them more usable and interactive. The key feature of ERC-6551 is Token Bound Account (TBA), which provides NFT with an interface to smart contract accounts and a permissionless registry.

ERC-6551 gives every ERC-721 token the full functionality of an Ethereum account. Token-bound accounts allow ERC-721 tokens to own other on-chain assets and interact with utilities, without requiring changes to existing ERC-721 smart contracts or infrastructure. Tokens are account-bound and immutably record all activities performed on the blockchain.

Follow guide below and start using ERC6551:

Open the home page of , click on “Web Wallet” and select “NFT Wallet”

Select the corresponding public chain (currently only supports Goerli testnet), click “Login via MathWallet Browser Extension” (You can use MathWallet Browser Extension or Metamask etc)

Take Goerli as an example

Enter the wallet address corresponding to your ERC6551 (NFT wallet), here we take (0xCA7f2edc23aCd63Efe95Fce0bE851a3A778262A3) as an example

(If you enter an NFT wallet address that is not controlled by your wallet, you will be in watch mode)

After clicking “confirm”, enter the NFT wallet page

Then you can transfer your assets or collections inside the ERC6551 wallet