MPU Introduction


MPU, short for MATH Power Unit, is the fundamental energy unit that drives every AI unit in the MathVerse world.

MPU is issued based on the amount of MATH that enters the MathVerse Treasury each month, multiplied by 100. For example, the amount of MPU issued in March 2023 is calculated as follows:

March 2023: 20,548 MATH per day * 31 days * 100


50% will be rewarded to NFT stakers with a level 2 or higher. Staking rules can be found at

25% will be used to provide liquidity for MPU.

25% will be used to reward projects that build the MathVerse ecosystem.


You need to claim each batch within 3 months.

According to the plan for MATH token found at, MATH will undergo halving on September 26, 2023. Therefore, the amount of MATH entering the MathVerse Treasury will also be halved.

In the future, other series of NFT collections in the MathVerse will also be able to participate in staking and share MPU rewards.

If you are the NFT stakers with a level 2 or higher, you may claim your MPU in the link below: