Scam Alert: how to protect your assets from scam?

Recently we have been noticing many cases of scam in MathWallet communitywhich will cause loss of user’s asset /personal information or other inconvenience, please be aware of the scam and do not leak your personal information to unverified account. Here are examples of scams and please stay alert!

Case 1

DO NOT trust any unofficial account/website of MathWallet!

Example: phishing site which has the same content as MathWallet. (Note that it is a scam webstie!)

Once user opens the website, it leads to import wallet.

If user clicks the import wallet, the page is showing that “private key” and “Mnenomic phrases” are needed, or it will ask your password directly.

Once those key information is given, it means user give the scammer full access to his assets, and it is quite impossible to trace the lost assets back once user’s information leaked to another party.

Case 2

DO NOT give personal information to fake customer service!

The Cloud SMS verification code is very important, the leak of the code to third party will lead to the loss of assets.

Example: the user accidently gave the Cloud verification code to a scammer who pretended to be the admin of MathWallet on Telegram. Then his cloud registered email and phone number was changed and his assets are all gone.

Also our official account on Telegram/Twitter will NEVER DM you to ask your mnemonic phrases/private key/password/Cloud Verfication codeplease be aware of it. 

Case 3

DO NOT trust any account which ask you for money!

Example: One account in Telegram sent message about filling in the form of complaint and re-authorization, then it directly to a site which ask for 0.5 ETH.

Plese be noted that the nature of the decentralized wallet will not allow MathWallet to restore your wallet or reverse any transaction. Please take care of your personal information of your wallet. If you had any similar experiences, please report to us at We will make official anouncement in our community and prevent user from the scam.

Case 4

DO NOT download any irrelevant APP/Extension 

Example: One fake account asked user to download APP from third party, and if user do so, the scammer will potentially steal his transfered assets.

How to identify Fake Account?

Recognize the official MathWallet account properly and do not trust account with similar names.

Example: it is a fake Twitter account of MathWallet, the scammer will DM directly to ask user’s account information.

Examples of Telegram fake account:

Fake account could appear in any site or social media, not only in Twitter/Telegram/Wechat/Website. Please always to be alert about scam and seek help from official MathWallet team.

Official MathWallet Site (EN):