MATHCON 2.0 was successfully held, predicting the next trend of blockchain

On the evening of 27th October 2020, the second MATHCON, initiated by MathWallet and co-organized by NEAR Protocol and BlockBeats, was successfully held in The North Bund of Shanghai. On this day, many industrial leaders gathered in order to predict the next trend of blockchain, with professional experience and focus to guide the public, to empower the blockchain industry. Each guests at the event also received a limited edition commemorative NFT.

Eric Yu-CTO of MathWallet, Sam Bankman-Fried(SBF)- CEO and founder of FTX, and advisor of Serum, Amos-Head of NEAR Asia, and Gu Ya-CEO of EOSForce, shared their insights with the blockchain enthusiasts on the topic of the trend in blockchain industry and discussed new opportunities such as blockchain development and integration.

MathWallet CTO Eric Yu made a forecast about the future blockchain boom, topic included: on-chain assets through NFT will cause the second wave of DeFi outbreak; corss-chain interoperability will break through public chain capacity; high-performance order book DEX which protects user privacy will lead to a new wave of growth in DEX; parachain Paradrop will replace YieldFarming to increase the chance of on-chain revenue growth; the future wallet will develop towards digital asset center.

Amos Zhang, head of NEAR Asia shared the keynote speech on “From Open Finance to Open Network” and introduced the technical path of NEAR sharding, which is a model for the horizontal expansion of blockchain. The sharding solution of NEAR is called Night Shade protocol. Although NEAR has just completed the final phase of the mainnet release, it has already a very thriving ecosystem.

CEO Of EOSForce Gu Ya talked about “BitWorld”, and brought up the origin of cryptographic world, discussed the definition of Bitcoin, the ecocystem of Ethereum and the future of DeFi and NFT.

Sam Bankman-fried (SBF), founder and CEO of FTX and adviser to Serum, answered some of the community’s questions.

SBF believes that one of the challenges for DeFi at this stage is getting people used to participate in an ecosystem built outside of Ethereum.

The SBF believes that in the future we will see a growing market focus on value and practical use cases, and will also start to see the convergence between crypto space and the rest of the world.

The SBF concludes that he would like to see less and less observation for one specific field over time, but more and more applications could be implemented in a larger global scale.

Subsequently, Zhang Shuhao, executive editor of BlockBeats, hosted the roundtable on the topic of “Opportunity”. Mable, Executive Director of Multicoin Asia, Cao Yin, Managing Director of Digital Renaissance Foundation, Yaoyuan Lu, product manager of MathWallet, and VIVI, head of RSK China, held discussions on this theme.

Xiaojie Pang, cofounder of PolkaWorld hosted the second roundtable themed “Challenge”. Lin Tong, co-founder of Phala;  Alex Chien, co-founder of Darwin; Fuyao Jiang, Acala Council member; and Hanwen Cheng, founder of Litentry, expressed their views on the future trend of the blockchain industry.

MATHCON aims to explore the application of trust network based on mathematics and cryptography in the real world scenarios, and will continue to hold regular meetup on a variety of related topics, welcome the participation of blockchain savvy and enthusiasts.