FIL6M introduction and release guide

About FIL6M

FIL6M is the token representing initial coin offering of FIL-6-Months.

FIL is the token of Filecoin Network.

How to withdraw

The release cycle of FIL6M is linear release every day within 6 months after the Filecoin mainnet goes online, and all releases are completed after 6 months.

FIL6M users will be able to get their FIL released everyday and withdraw them from the Math cloud wallet.

The specific release time will be adjusted according to the release cycle of Protocol Labs and CoinList which changes from time to time.

How to get

Enter the MathWallet APP – cloud wallet – Trade – USDT/FIL6M trading pair to start swap

Also can click the to make trade

Total swap amount: 100,000

FIL6M source: CoinList compliance sale with proof of investment

FIL circulation

See whitepaper:

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