How to use SWAP in the Math Cloud Wallet?

1.What is SWAP?

Math Cloud Wallet Swap,is the new feature that Math Wallet launched, the user could directly make fast-speed token transaction at Cloud Wallet web page of Cloud Wallet- Trade, without transact token into crypto exchange, user could enjoy 5 second Swap service on the wallet page.

Now Math Wallet opens the exchange among BTC, ETH, EOS, MATH, ATOM and USDT.

2.How to use Swap in the Math Cloud Wallet ?

 The following steps is using MATH (original currency) to exchange USDT (target currency) as an example to introduce the process of currency exchange:

Step 1: Switch to Math Cloud Wallet and click on the “Trade” bar at the bottom

Step 2: Select the exchange object (original currency)

On the exchange interface, select the original currency to be exchanged: MATH

Step 3: Set the exchange amount

Enter receive/transfer amount

Step4: Initiate Swap

Click the “Swap”-“Confirm” button in turn, enter the wallet password, initiate a Swap application, and wait for the order to be completed.

Step 5: Review the order

Return to the Swap page to view the order and Swap status.


Notes on the status of Swap:

1. There are three types of Swap status: Processing, Done, and Order Failed.

2. If you have any questions about the order details, you can click on “have question on this order” on the Swap details page and contact customer service for help.


About the time required for Swap:

After the Swap order is initiated, all supported tokens can be processed within 5 seconds.

How to contact customer service for order problems:

For order related issues, you can contact customer service staff through any of the following channels:

Email customer service:

Any questions, join: