Kusama Wallet User Guide

Please download MathWallet first:http://mathwallet.org Note:IOS user please download TestFlight version 1. Create/import Kusama wallet 2 Kusama KSM transfer Note: There is only KSM on Kusama network,current transaction fee is 0.01 KSM. 3 Kusama Dapp Note: Kusama Dapp belongs to multi-tools category Currently Kusama network has just been launched,more DApp will be launched in the future. […]

MathGiveaway User Guide

MathGiveaway is a tool to create the giveaway event on Twitter. Participants need to complete the required tasks to get rewards. Link to Twitter Open Math Cloud Wallet, and click “login by Twitter” After successfully logging into Twitter, you need to bind email or phone number to receive important notifications If you already have Math […]

WalletConnect User Guide

Download the MathWallet : https://mathwallet.org Note: for IOS users, please download the TestFlight version In term of function, users can access DApp through WalletConnect in the computer browser, and they can conduct on-chain transactions or execute smart contracts by simply scanning authorization. Here we take the decentralized exchange as an example: Open the decentralized exchange website […]

MathVault (VPoS) Tutorial 9 – How to connect to the VPoS API?

#1 MATH VPoS mining pool real-time data interface URL: http://api.maiziqianbao.net/apiVpos/getMiningData?v=2.0 {     “success”: true,     “data”: {         “MATH”: {             “price”: “0.00”,  // MATH current price at the exchange “change”: “0.00%”,  // 24 hours price fluctuation rate             “staking”: “12734062.3900”,  // MATH staking amount             “stakingPercentage”: “15.48%”,  // MATH staking in circulation %             […]

MATH NFT Collection

001 MATH x ETHEREUM 002 MATH x CHAINNEWS 003 MATH x MXC 004 MATH x GXCHAIN 005 MATH x DARWINIA 006 MATH x STAKEFISH 007 MATH x CoinBene 008 MATH x IPFSNews 009 MATH x ChainX 010 MATH x BTCC 011 MATH x AAVE 012MATH x EOSC 013 MATH x HBTC 014 MATH x First.vip 015 MATH x […]