Claim your Kusama token in MathWallet

Below are the steps to claim your Kusama token (KSM) using MathWallet.

Download MathWallet Browser Extension Wallet:

1 Create Kusama Address

In Math Chrome Extension Wallet, switch network to ‘Kusama’

Create new wallet and backup

Copy the wallet address

2 Complete mapping in ETH wallet

Switch network to Ethereum, and import the ETH wallet which has the DOT(ERC20) tokens


Find the “KSM Mapping ” dApp

Paste Kusama address, and click ‘Map’

Check and accept the 0 ETH transaction to finish mapping

3 Check result

After the ETH transaction has been completed, open below URL:

Paste the Ethereum address to your DOT allocation to check the results. A good mapping should be like below.

After the Kusama has launched, the KSM will be in your Kusama address.

About Kusama

Kusama is an early, unaudited and unrefined release of Polkadot. For more information, please visit

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