ChainX Mining Tutorial — L-BTC mining

1. Install Math Wallet

2. Create/Import BTC&PCX wallet

1)Create a BTC wallet for the BTC lock-up. Do not make any transaction with the BTC wallet except the lock-up transaction, otherwise, the BTC lock-up will fail.

2)Create/Import a PCX wallet to be linked for BTC lock-up

1)Open the DApp ‘L-BTC Lock-up Mining

  • For iOS user, click “Browser” in button navigation bar and paste the link:
  • For Android user, click “DApp” in button navigation bar and find the DApp ‘L-BTC Lock-up Mining

2)Lock-up BTC

Select the BTC wallet, link it to ChainX wallet, put referral node(optional), enter lock-up amount (at least 0.01 BTC), click “Lock” and complete payment. The successful transaction means the BTC lock-up is completed.

4. Check the Lock-up BTC

Switch to the linked PCX wallet, open the DApp “ChainX Asset Management” to view the amount of locked BTC and mined PCX.


Video Tutorial

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