MathGiveaway User Guide

MathGiveaway is a tool to create the giveaway event on Twitter. Participants need to complete the required tasks to get rewards.

Link to Twitter

Open Math Cloud Wallet, and click “login by Twitter”

After successfully logging into Twitter, you need to bind email or phone number to receive important notifications

If you already have Math Cloud Account, please login with email/phone first then link it with twitter throught:

Math Account – Connect Twitter

Create a Twitter giveaway campaign

Click “Giveaway” to enter the creating interface

Confirm the token type and receiving method of reward (” random “and” first come, first serve “), fill in the quantity and click “new reward”.

Send out tweet and complete publishing

Note: when sending tweet, you can add to the original content generated, but do not delete the original content, otherwise the system will not be able to automatically gather data. The undistributed amount of tokens will be automatically returned to the cloud wallet.

View activity progress

Return to the reward screen to view the status of the activity (” done “, “in progress”, “waiting tweet”)

Click “my wallet” to view the details

If you have any question, add our telegram group:


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