How to use the Edgeware Staking tool

Download MathWallet:

Note: for IOS users, please download TestFlight

1. Open the MathWallet, switch to Edgeware Wallet, and open the Edgeware Staking tool in the application

2. Enter the APP, the default is storage account, click “add binding”

(For guide on storage and control account, please click: guide on storage and control account)

3. Enter the number of Edgeware that needs Staking and click ok

4. Switch to Storage Account

5. Click Nominate-Set Up

6. Select the nominators, and maximum 16 nominators can be selected at the same time, and the votes will be randomly distributed on the chain (please leave a small balance in the wallet as handling fee, otherwise it will fail to vote).

If you have more questions, you can contact the customer service through any of the following ways:

Add customer service WeChat: mathwallet666


Working hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00


Edgeware APP wallet guide

1. Find the Mnemonic Phrase you backed up when made Lockdrop.

2. Download MathWallet APP

Find the Edgeware icon, click the + sign, and import through mnemonic phrase

3 Begin to transfer money and operate Staking

If you have more questions, you can contact the customer service through any of the following ways:

Add customer service WeChat: mathwallet666


Working hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00

How to get Lockdrop EDG in MathWallet

1 Install MathWallet APP

2 Import Edgeware Wallet

When you participate Edgeware Lockdrop, you generated the keypair, and now find out your Phrase

Go to MathWallet, choose 'Edgeware' chain, and click + to import your wallet. Choose 'Import by Mnemonic'

Then you are all set!

For more questions, join MathWallet telegram:

EOS Resource Pack Guide

It is hard for new EOS users when having the EOS resource issue. You may even not able to stake/unstake EOS to get/release the resource.

Now you can use EOS resource pack to solve this issue.

1 Find the DApps – Resource – EOS Resource Pack

For AppStore user, please visit to get the dapp list.

2 Choose the pack plan based on the number of transfer you may need

3 Finish the payment in EOS wallet

In some case, you may fail because of REX pool status, just try again and you should be success within 2-3 times.

How to reset Cloud Wallet Payment Password

First you need to figure out which password you forget.

If it is the self-custodia wallet (decentralized wallet), you need to reset through import your private key again. Step:
If you do NOT backup your private key (or mnemonics) then no one is able to reset the password.

If you need to reset the Cloud Wallet Payment Password, the steps are below:

1 Complete KYC

Go to: Me – Math Account – Identity Verification

Fill in the information needed, and it will take around 24hrs to get approved.

2 Reset Cloud Wallet Payment Password

Go to: Me – Math Account – Payment Password – Forget

After your KYC has been approved, you will able to reset your password here.

For more questions, join MathWallet telegram:

Spring promotion-share the 200,000 EIDOS award

Please install MathWallet first:
Note:IOS user please download public beta version

Dear MathWallet user:

Since MathWallet supports YAS ecosystem, it has been recognized and supported by community users. To thank the community for the support and love, MathWallet strives for more benefits for users, we launched online activity: “Spring promotion-share the 200,000 EIDOS award”. From now on, all users who top-up YAS (EOS mainnet) or exchange YAS, we will carry onsnapshot on February 20th 18:00 (HKT), please make sure that you has YAS balance in Math Cloud Wallet during this period.

Airdrop rules:

Total number of airdrops: 150,000 EIDOS

The YAS coefficient of EOS mainnet is 1, and the YAS coefficient of conversion to YAS mainnet is 1.2.

EIDOS airdrop quantity /(Yas quantity of all users’ EOS *1+ Yas quantity of all users’ Yas *1.2)* (Yas quantity of your EOS mainnet*1+ Yas mainnet quantity of your Yas *1.2)

Here’s an example:

During the activity, Xiaoming deposited 10 YAS in the mainnet of EOS and 10 YAS in the mainnet of YAS. At this time, the EIDOS airdrop obtained by Xiaoming was 150000 /(the number of YAS in all users’EOS *1+ the number of YAS in all users’ YAS *1.2)*(10*1+10*1.2)

YAS-ESO to YAS-Mainnet full process guide:YAS-ESO to YAS-Mainnet full process guide

Math Turntable:

Participate in the Math Turntable activity and share 5w EIDOS together

Total number of airdrops: 50000 EIDOS

Note: large turntable has rule of “first come, first served”

After the activity, we will release EIDOS to your Math Cloud Wallet within 3 business days.

Math Wallet

February 18, 2020

For more details, add customer service at Telegram: //, @rainie_yang

DOT Claim in 2 Steps

MathWallet has developed a tool to simplify DOT claim process to only 2 steps!

Step 1 – create a Polkadot account

Install the Chrome Extension MathWallet

Switch Network to ‘Polkadot’

Click + button, and create a new address. Please make sure you backup the Mnemonic properly.

Copy the address

Step 2 – claim in your ETH wallet

Switch to the ETH wallet which you have those DOT(ERC20) tokens.

If you use MathWallet App, find the ‘DOT Mapping’ dapp in the dapp list.

If you use MathWallet Chrome Extension, visit and you will find the dapp.

Paste your Polkadot address to it, click ‘Map’ and sign the transaction.

After the transation completed. You are all set.

You can go to check the status of the claim process.


Is this tool safe?
Yes, it is open source and working the same as the official claim tool. Open Source Code:

For more questions, join MathWallet telegram:

How to manually install the MathWallet Extension Wallet

1 Download the zip file


Click 'Other browser' and you will download the file


Install in Chrome

Visit chrome://extensions/


Open the 'Developer mode'


Drag and drop the file into the Extension window.

Then the install is completed.

Other browsers

The same method is working for the browsers such as Firefox, Brave etc.

If you have any other questions, join

Note: manually installed version will not upgrade automatically, so you will need to manually install the new version.

MathWallet Newsletter #002

Dear MathWallet user,

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many activities have been experiencing stagnation, however this made us feel the need to get more united to fight against the epidemic. Our work still continues and we are dedicated to deliver the best support for our collaborators and users.

We made great progress with our public chain partners, here are the updates of MathWallet from Jan 17th 2020 till Feburary 7th 2020:

  1. Cloud Wallet now displays transaction details
  2. Kusama wallet node has been updated
  3. Support added for ATOM transaction records
  4. Support added for payment password and google verification resets
  5. Support added for YAS wallet
  6. YAS dApp pop-up free support
  7. Ethereum ENS contract update

Math New highlights:

2020-01-14 Math extension wallet officially supports YAS Network test network

2020-01-20 MathWallet first supported the YAS mainnet, becoming the first wallet to receive both official 1000 YAS test network node rewards and 50,000 YAS early mainnet support rewards. Now users can carry out YAS recharge, YAS mainnet token mapping, and other operations on MathWallet. More tools are available in MathDapp.

2020-01-20 MathWallet launched YAS mainnet,supports and helps nearly 1000 users to complete the mainnet mapping operation. MathWallet is also the only APP and extension wallet that supports YAS at present. Within two days of the launch of the mainnet, MathWallet's YAS exchange service has successfully mapped 4 million YAS to the new mainnet for nearly 1,000 community users.

2020-01-22 During Chinese New Year, we had great success after the launch of“MathWallet red pocket accompany you for the New Year”activity, from 0:00 on January 22, 2020-24:00 on January 30, 2020 for a total of 9 days, the prize pool for each day is 8888 MATH, totaling 79992 MATH given away.

Last but not least, we have amazing outcome for our latest VPoS reports:

By Feburary 7th 2020, Math VPoS pool has 200 Million supply and market value is 14.50 Million USD, to get more information about increasing return of VPoS product, check on .

We are looking forward to hear your feedback and feel free to contact us for any questions!