MathChain joining Web 3.0 Bootcamp

We’re thrilled to announce that MathChain is joining Web 3.0 Bootcamp 2021 along with other 11 teams building on Substrate and Polkadot. The 2021 cohort has a diverse representation of Web 3 stack covering smart contract, browser, decentralized identity (DID), layer 2, privacy, Defi, and more. In collective efforts, all teams will work towards a […]

How to mint Solana token address

If you'd like to participate Solana token airdrop, such as below You can follow below steps in MathWallet Chrome extension. 1 Install MathWallet Chrome extension 2 Create Solana Wallet in MathWallet Chrome extension 3 You need deposit some SOL to the SOL address 4 Click 'Add Token' and select the token you […]

EVM Universal Wallet User Guide

MathWallet supports EVM chain, including 150 + EVM public chains wallet address creation, token transfer, browser DAPP etc. Download MathWallet: users please download the Testflight version) Switch network to EVM , click + to create/import EVM wallet address Create/import wallet, click DApp Chainlist Search chain, such as BSC, click Connect Wallet Click Add Metamask Confirm Signature After signing, […]

How to participate in Kusama Crowdloan in Cloud Wallet?

Download MathWallet: (iOS users please download the Testflight version) Sign up for Cloud Wallet Switch to Cloud Wallet — Click Sign In— Login at Phone/Email Login — Complete Cloud Wallet registration Deposit assets from Cloud Wallet Select KSM — Click on Receive — Deposit KSM to your address (Click ‘Trade’ and you swap for some KSM as well) […]

Terra App Wallet User Guide

The new version of MathWallet App has supported Terra public chain. Download MathWallet: users please download the Testflight version) You can create a new Terra wallet or import wallet by mnemonic phrases. Back up mnemonic phrases and store carefully. Then confirm to finish create wallet. Go back to the main page to check the transaction or […]

How to accelerate transaction on Binance Smart Chain?

In the case of network traffic, the transaction may shows “pending” so that the sender cannot proceed to the transaction nor the receiver can receive the asset, and here we need to use the accelerating function. Transaction explanation Each transaction that occurs on the BSC has a value called nonce, which is used to count […]

PlatON extension wallet user guide

Download MathWallet Install Extension Wallet: When the installation is complete, click the Extension icon in the upper right corner to enter Settings Set up password Set up Language Click Settings in the upper right corner of the extension Select language Choose English then confirm Create PlatON wallet Click on the top right corner to switch the network […]

How to find back your assets if exchange withdraw your token to another chain

Issue UserA created in Polygon wallet in MathWallet, and withdraw some Matic from coinbase (or other exchanges), but not receive the Matic in MathWallet. After check the exchange transaction record, the Matic token has been sent to Ethereum address. The same issue can happens to BSC, Fantom and other Ethereum layer2 chains as well. Why […]