SecretNetwork MathWallet Tutorial

Using MathWallet App Install the MathWallet App: (For iPhone user, please install the TestFlight version) Click the top-right ‘≡’ button, and in the ‘Switch Wallet’ list choose ‘Secret Network’, then click the top-right ‘+’ button to create/import Secret Network wallet. After complete the wallet create/import process, you will able to see your SCRT address/balance […]

MathWallet Is Exploring Cross-chain Transfer on Binance Smart Chain

MathWallet team has been invited by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) team to explore the Binance Smart Chain testnet. BSC Characteristics Based on the following characteristics of BSC: 1. Two way cross chain supported between Binance Chain (BC) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) 2. Ethereum Wallet and Web3 JS compatibility BSC Cross-chain Tool MathWallet created […]

MathWallet Deeplink Guide

MathWallet has supported Deeplink Use Deeplink you can open an DAPP URL in MathWallet directly mathwallet://,DuGZsgfYwQLn6LJNEysHob8ngAYBXmYk8GPWpQnCscd2MfB Above link is the Kusama staking tool page. It will set the validator addresses you specific in the URL. It will support multiple validator addresses as well. Other than Deeplink, you can share the URL to you user as […]

MATH NFT Collection

001 MATH x ETHEREUM 002 MATH x CHAINNEWS 003 MATH x MXC 004 MATH x GXCHAIN 005 MATH x DARWINIA 006 MATH x STAKEFISH 007 MATH x CoinBene 008 MATH x IPFSNews 009 MATH x ChainX 010 MATH x BTCC 011 MATH x AAVE 012MATH x EOSC 013 MATH x HBTC 014 MATH x 015 MATH x […]

Enigma MathWallet Extension Tutorial

Note: Enigma has been upgraded to SecretNetwork, please check link below of the guide for SecretNetwork Install the MathWallet Chrome Extension Switch Network to ‘Enigma’ Create or Import Enigma wallet Click ‘Web Wallet’ Click ‘Login via MathWallet Browser Extension’ Choose one Enigma wallet Then you can view your SCRT balance and transfer SCRT in […]

Harmony Wallet Guide

MathWallet APP has now supported Harmony Download MathWallet For iOS users, please use Testflight version 1 Create/Import Harmony Wallet Go to ‘Switch Wallet’, scroll down and select ‘Harmony’ icon in the list, then click ‘+’ button in the top-left, then you can start create/import Harmony wallet. After import you should be able to view […]