Project Update| 2018.6.22

The Progress of Development

Android & iOS

  • Supported EOS account importing
  • Supported EOS Block Producer Voting
  • Provided EOS Account Name Bidding Tool
  • Supported purchasing EOS system resources
  • Optimized transaction notation
  • Oprimized default GasLimit
  • Fixed known bugs


  • EOS Account creating
  • EOS Account resource management
  • EOS Account invitation code

Supported EOS BP Voting


Supported EOS Account Name Bidding

Supported Purchasing EOS System Resource

The EOS system operation process(such as registering an account) requires the corresponding resources, including CPU, bandwidth, and RAM. You can get CPU and bandwidth by staking EOS, but you need to buy RAM. Now, you could purchase the EOS system resource in Math Wallet : 【EOS Wallet】 — 【DApp】 — 【Purchase EOS System Resource】

Download Math Wallet: