WookongBIO + MathWallet User Guide

The WOOKONG Team is a technology-driven startup in the blockchain industry that is dedicated to financial-level security wallet products which are safe- guarded by cryptographic algorithms and hardwares. The company serves institutional and personal users with its professional and reliable crypto-asset storage and custody services.

Math Wallet is currently the most powerful and secure cross-chain wallet, which supports EOC、TRX、BTC、ETH、NEO、ONT、EOSC、ESN and other ecosystems. It also supports decentralized cross-chain trading, and creates a multi-chain DApp ecosystem.

A Private key is the one and only ‘Ticket’ to your crypto asset. If you don’t own the private key, you don’t own your crypto asset. Hardware wallet is a secure device to store your private key which make it never touch the poten-tially-vulnerable environment. It means your private key need not to be transferred out of the device in plain- text to any other insecure device and immune to computer viruses which may steal your crypto assets. Thus, Math Wallet and WookongBIO cooperate to launch the Hardware Cold Wallet for users.

  1. Core Algorithm ‒ Rapid and Robust
  2. Flash Encryption ‒ Anti-forcible-entry and Anti-power-monitoring
  3. MPU Protection ‒ Limited privilege to access code segment
  4. Sandbox Mode ‒ Adding new crypto-assets with safety. So far supports BTC、 ETH(including ERC)、EOS、USDT、XRP、LTC、CYB、ETC、NEO

Screen:128*80 E-Ink
Charging time:2h
Working temperature:0°C — 60°C
Connectivity:Bluetooth 4.0、USB Supported


Connect to WOOKONG Bio (Math Wallet as an example)

If you are a new user of Math Wallet,

please enter into the Wallet and click on“Hardware Wallet”at the bottom of the page.


If you are a regular user of Math Wallet,

please go into the Wallet and click on“Me”>“Settings”>“Hardware Wallet”.

Turn on Bluetooth of your mobile phone and the power of WOOKONG Bio,

then click “Connect” after devices detected automatically.

Create Wallet

You should setup a new (or formatted) WOOKOONG Bio before using.

Please finish the setup by following methods to create wallet.

Click“Initialize Device”,and then set PIN which will be used to confirm irreversible operations like transfer, format device, etc.

Please press WOOKONG Bio power button as prompted to set PIN after confirming the entered PIN is correct.

Please be sure to back up the mnemonic phrases,

which is the only way to recover the hardware when damaged accidentally.

You can set the WOOKONG Bio fingerprint

when you complete the backup of mnemonic phrases.



You can see the asset information on the APP homepage

when WOOKONG Bio is initialized.


Install Math Wallet: www.mathwallet.org

Math Wallet Telegram: https://t.me/mathwallet