How to exchange TRON token ? (trc10/trc20)

In addition to TRX, TRON token types mainly include TRC10 and TRC20. Both have different trading ways. Here are some specific trading methods for you.

【TRC10 or TRC20?】

How to know the token is TRC10 or TRC20?
Check through TRON Browser:

【Exchange TRC10 Token】

You could trade the TRC10 tokens through the decentralized exchange embedded within the Math Wallet.

The specific process :

  1. Install Math Wallet :

If you’ve installed Math Wallet, Please Update to the Latest Version

2.Switch to TRX Wallet

Click 【Exchange】in the bottom navigation bar

3. Select Trading Pair

【Trade TRC20 Token】

Could use the third party DApp DApp — TRX Market:

1.Switch to TRX wallet

Click 【DApp】- 【Exchange】,find the DApp 【TRX Marktet】

2.Select Trading Pair to complete trade